What Zodiac Sign Is The Freakiest?

Your zodiac sign defines you more than you might know. It influences your likes, inclinations, and general outlook on things. It can also influence the type of sexual activities that spark your interest, your ideas of foreplay, and the level of kink you are comfortable with. Some signs are known to be very adventurous in bed. Below, we explore what zodiac signs are the freakiest.

7 Zodiac Sign That May Be The Freakiest

7 Zodiac Sign That May Be The Freakiest


Scorpios are extremely passionate lovers and this reflects equally in bed. They are known to be freaks with barely any sexual restrictions.

Ruled by Pluto, the Scorpio is intense, mysterious and is turned on by power play. They crave dominance and aren’t afraid to break sexual taboos. 

If anything, the Scorpio will be turned off by traditional approaches to sex. They’re deeply into kink, dark secrets and spontaneous adventure.

Adventurous sex is best for them. If you want to be with a Scorpio, brace yourself for action.


Unlike the intense Scorpio, Taurus is more intimate. This zodiac sign is a wholesome package of sensual seduction.

Taurus seeks emotional depth and intimacy for sexual fulfilment. They’re highly indulgent and erotic. Expect all your senses to be aroused.

This bull-charged sign has an insatiable appetite for sex. They possess the intensity to sustain lengthy passionate experiences and will take time to ensure their partners receive royal treatment.

These bulls are highly possessive of their partners and would seldom incline to casual sex. Nothing delights a Taurus more than a heartfelt, sensual marathon.


The feisty Aries carry their passion and drive whenever they go.  They come off as a little aggressive with an undying love to hunt. 

They are sexually bold and won’t turn down the chance for a weird, fiery experience. 

Beware, Aries is very impatient. They won’t waste time on foreplay, cuddles or slow seduction. Nothing fuels their flames more than a sudden burst of desire.

Grant them the thrill of chasing you and you are in for the best sex encounter.


If it’s unpredictable, a little eccentric and probably has multiple toys involved, an Aquarius has something to do with it.

This air sign is open-minded and progressive in nature. They are fascinated by technology and won’t be shy to explore the limits.

Driven by curiosity, Aquarius loves sexual experiments.  They are not held down by social norms. Trust them to bring a non-conventional twist to the game.

They are wildly passionate and are easily turned off if you don’t match their kink.


These sharp-witted social butterflies are easily the most misunderstood of all the zodiac signs.  However, one universal notion that is true about them is their high sex drive.

Gemini enjoys long and frequent sexual encounters. They are highly imaginative and will indulge in spontaneous sexual experiments. 

Though they could get freaky, they don’t draw pleasure from pain. BDSM wouldn’t be up their alley.

Gemini’s desire for constant mental stimulation means that they could lose interest very fast. 

Intellectual role play is their forte. They will be extremely turned on by acted out fantasies, witty texts and flirtatious advances.



This sign is known for its notorious rank up the drama scale. This trait doesn’t run unnoticed in the bedroom scene. 

Leo thrives in outrageous sexual experiences. They are bold, assertive and are likely to take charge.

As a fire sign, they are deeply passionate. A meaningful connection to their partners is important to keep their flames ablaze. 

The art of seduction is their strong suit. For most part, Leo is performance-oriented. They thrive in being in the spotlight and will offer you nothing short of an unforgettable experience.

Be sure to shower your Leo mate with adoration. Their greatest turn on is feeling desired.


Cancer people are highly erotic in their own kind of way.  

Despite their highly volatile emotions, they are deeply intimate. Sex with them goes beyond the physical approach. 

The whole sexual experience is important to them. Connecting with their partner is more important than anything else.

Once a Cancer lover establishes a safe and secure connection, they are wildly freaky. Ruled by the moon, their sexual expressions could get as extreme as their moods.

They are open-minded, incredibly non-judgemental and will respect your sexual boundaries.

Though verbally hesitant, Cancer is emotionally expressive and will stop at nothing to satisfy you sexually. 

Bottom Line

While there’s much more to zodiac signs than sex alone, sexual astrology influences romance and intimacy to a great extent

Understanding your sexual tendencies and compatibility to your partner could bridge the gap or enhance your sex life. 

In addition, knowing which zodiac sign you’ll have the best sex with is a great way to start exploring your kink and foster new connections.

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