When An Aquarius Man Is Done With You?

By nature, an Aquarius man is undemanding, tolerant and a good listener. He is open about his feelings.

He is the type of man who will prefer to be very direct with you. However, he is very guarded and takes time to intellectualise and process his emotions. 

He is known to detach from his feelings which makes it hard to discern when an Aquarius man is done with you.

7 Signs That An Aquarius Man Is Done With You

7 Signs That An Aquarius Man Is Done With You

A few little things can reveal when he is done with you for good. Have a close look at these signs so you don’t interpret them in the wrong way.

He becomes unpredictable

When an Aquarius man falls in love, he becomes predictable. This is his way of clearing any doubts regarding his feelings. 

If subjected to stress in the relationship, he may begin to act less predictably. His words won’t match his actions.

This erratic behaviour is rooted in his desire to be free. If he is giving off mixed feelings, it is likely that he is excusing himself from the relationship.

His time with you is limited

The world of an Aquarius man will revolve around you if he loves you.

Though he is naturally social, he is happiest socialising for a cause. He will choose to spend time around you to make you feel important.

If he feels that his relationship is on the rocks, he will spend less time working on it. He will take that opportunity to foster new connections and purposely bail out on planned dates.

Conversations run dry

Since he wants you to be in his future, an Aquarius will seek a deeper connection with you. 

He is not shy. He likes speaking his mind and engaging in meaningful conversations. 

As your partner, he is keen to listen and will value your opinions. He thrives in mental stimulation and engaging in hearty talks.

If you notice him being dismissive of your opinions or the conversations with him seem more superficial, he is no longer satisfied in his relationship.

He is distant

Don’t take it for granted when an Aquarius man shows you his emotional side. When he is in love, he won’t be afraid to get vulnerable around you.

Sharing his private ambitions is unlikely of him. He is picky about who he opens up to and who he can get comfortable with.

One of the biggest signs that an Aquarius man is done with you is that he gets cold and distant. Like most men, he may be pulling away to process his thoughts. Sadly, when this happens it’s a clear vision of the end for him.

He avoids intimacy

Aquarius man is high on sex drive. He will always go above and beyond to ensure all your sexual needs are met. 

Though he tends to be less mushy and romantic, he is deeply intimate in his own quirky ways.

It’s quite the opposite when he is no longer interested. He will avoid trying to be intimate with you. 

He might redirect his energies to other things that tickle his brain or disappear suddenly with no explanation.

He stops talking about you to his friends

Another clue that an Aquarius man is unhappy with your relationship is he stops talking about you to his friends.

If you have been with him for a while, you know how enthusiastic he gets introducing you to his friends and family. He will want to show you off and won’t stop talking about your future together.

When he stops making an effort to introduce you, it’s a hint that he doesn’t feel the same way about you anymore.

You’ll meet his rude side

An Aquarius man is not one to exhibit emotional outbursts or raging fights. 

Nonetheless, it’s not uncommon for him to act out or speak his mind with sheer brutality. He will be outright rude and critical towards you.

He is especially harsh and unkind to you with complete disregard to your feelings. Suddenly he will want to pick on your insecurities and make you feel completely worthless.

Aquarius man could get extremely toxic when he no longer finds you a worthy suitor. 

How to Make An Aquarius Man Stay

How to Make An Aquarius Man Stay
  • Aquarius men like to be intellectually stimulated. He loves a woman who can keep up with him mentally. 
  • He can be emotionally detached and enjoys his freedom. Be patient with him. He doesn’t like taking things fast. He appreciates the value of being friends first before anything else.
  • Don’t be too needy or clingy. He doesn’t want to feel tied down.
  • Be part of his adventures.  His free spirit will lead to strange places and he would be happy to take those roads with you.
  • Boring routines are a sure way to turn him off. Keep it exciting and unpredictable.

Bottom Line

An Aquarius man is typically eccentric and savvy. He requires the opportunity to be what his identity is and gravitates to a partner with similar perspectives

It’s challenging to determine the permanency of your relationship given his occasional erratic behaviours.

The good thing is that he is straightforward and will likely tell you when he is done with you. 

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