How To Attract Taurus Man With Texting?

Grabbing and keeping a Taurus man’s attention is not easy. Stubborn as a bull, he can be hard to persuade, especially just by texting. Save yourself the stress and follow these easy tips on how to attract a Taurus man with texting.

How to attract Taurus man with texting

Taurus man

1. Use his language

Compatibility is very important for a Taurus man. He will pay attention to details and won’t hesitate to dismiss your advances if he feels that you might not be compatible.

Your choice of words when sending him a text message could make a huge difference. Tap into his world and note down what he likes. By using his language, you create a cohesive vibe. It will naturally make him feel like you get him.

Being relatable will draw him in and keep him interested.

2. Be patient

A Taurus guy detests a clingy partner and has a knack for sniffing one out.

If you text him too much, he’ll get the impression that you are needy. Responding immediately might also be a red flag for him.

The key is to play it cool. Don’t be in a rush to respond and don’t take forever either. Find a perfect balance and maintain it. This is especially important if you are just getting to know each other.

A sense of stability and productivity is very alluring to a Taurus man. Not always being available for a chit chat gives him the impression that you are busy and this will spark his interest.

3. Do not over text

Like most men, a Taurus guy will want to feel in control.

As a rule of the thumb, if you are making the most effort to keep in touch, you are the one doing the chasing. So if you want to attract a Taurus man, make him feel in charge.

Try to only text him if he texts you first. He enjoys being in control and dictating what needs to happen and when. Giving him that upper hand will make him like you more.

4. Take interest in his lifestyle

With a Taurus guy it may be a slower paced courtship. He is big on commitment rather than random and frequent dating.

Taking a personal interest in the things that matter to him is a big step in communicating your interest. Genuine curiosity in his lifestyle will imply that you are ready to commit.

Ask about their life experiences, family life or hobbies. This will allow you to establish a connection based on your common interests.

Not only will you get an insight of who he is, you are also likely to learn a thing or two about yourself along the way.

5. Compliment him

One of the easiest ways to make a Taurus guy melt is complementing him.

An honest compliment can go a long way to show him that you genuinely value a certain aspect about him.

Text him with real admiration; be raw and kind to him. He won’t be able to contain his attraction towards you.

Keep it straight and backed up with facts. If he feels that you are bluffing just to draw him in, he will read ulterior motives.

6. Don’t be afraid to flirt

Another trick to win a Taurus guy over is showing him your fun, bold, playful and sexy side.

Start slow and gradually work your way up. By flirting with him via text, you trigger his sensual nature and he’ll definitely want to flirt back.

Show your sense of humor; be boldly direct and romantic to stimulate his imagination. A Taurus man is deeply attracted to you if he finds you smart, funny and confident. Once he picks up hints of your personality, it will be hard for him to stay away.

7. Don’t be dramatic

A Taurus man and drama are like oil and water. In fact, the importance of avoiding drama and confrontations with him can’t be overstated.

Texts that are aggressive, rude or accusatory will drive him away real fast. He values peace and harmony and will dread your texts if they threaten his serenity.

If you need to vent about how long your day was or something that he did, better set up a one on one and talk it through calmly.

Bottom line

Texting can be a fantastic way for getting to know a Taurus man better. However, Taurus guys are very focus-driven and will only court you if they feel that you are ready to settle. Learning how to keep him interested via text can be complicated. It may seem like a set of rules and regulations that you have to follow lest you lose him.

Ultimately, it’s all about sending the right message. Prioritize your needs and interests and align them with his. By having definite and pure intentions, it leaves less room for texting errors.

Be bold and authentic; don’t be tempted to hide behind the screen. This is the best approach to attract a Taurus man.

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