How To Know If An Aries Man Is Rejecting You?

Typically, an Aries man is not very vocal about his feelings. What comes out of his mouth and what he communicates through his behavior may be two totally different things.

The worst part of experiencing rejection from an Aries man is that you don’t quite see it coming.

Here are subtle signs to know if an Aries man is rejecting you.

How to know if an Aries man is rejecting you

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1. He no longer pays attention to you

Because an Aries man is more emotionally aware, he is more attentive. He can hold eye contact, and is a good listener. He understands the power of being present in the moment.  When an Aries man pays attention to details it shows that he cares.

If you feel that he is no longer attentive, or you have to keep repeating yourself over and over, this is a clear indication that his interest and passion are dwindling.

2. He becomes cold

An Aries man will tend to compromise with you, especially if you are compromising with him too. He is sensitive to your emotions and needs rather than force-feeding you with his agenda.

He will strive to be agreeable with you at all times and keep arguments at a low.

If you are at a point where simple disagreements turn into full blown fights or he shuts down altogether, the spark is clearly gone.

He will gradually resort to blaming and shaming. The struggle to be civil with you becomes evident and apologies or reconciliations are rare.

3. He will be less physical

The ability of an Aries man to fully appreciate the female body is amazing. He doesn’t search for the flaws but rather acknowledge the parts that are special.

He communicates best through touch and has a very healthy libido. He of course demands the same energy from you and doesn’t hesitate to compliment your prowess.

Though a slight change in his bedroom mannerism might not indicate a death sentence, a combination of other factors can mean the game has changed.

4. The conversations dampen

An Aries guy is naturally inquisitive and enjoys conversations. If you are his type, he will talk to you endlessly.

He will want to know everything that matters in your life and plans for your future. Essentially he never runs out of conversation.

Lately if you realize that it’s getting harder to get through to him, his fight to stay in the relationship is gone.

You might be talking but the deeper, more personal conversations aren’t there anymore. All your efforts to try hit a brick wall. It can get exhausting and chances are high that the end is close.

5. He’s always busy these days

An Aries man tends to feel intense longing for union with his significant other. He always feels the need to be near you and spend quality time together. He may think about you constantly and experience extreme distress when he can’t be with you.

He will want to show you off to his friends and publicly display affection.

If you find that you are spending less time together and he is making excuses for it, it may be a sign that he is no longer on board with the relationship.

6. Flirting with other women

It takes everything not to flirt, for an Aries guy. However if he likes you enough, he will be loyally yours. This means, if he loses interest in you, he will gladly fall back into his naughty ways.

If he is spending less time with you, chances are someone else caught his eye.

He stays out later than usual or he is having endless meetings and get-togethers with friends; don’t underestimate the possible meaning behind this behavior.

7. He wants space

When he doesn’t know what to do, or is in distress, an Aries man will automatically shut down.

Since it’s extremely hard for him to vocalize his emotions, he will opt for distance.

He might just ghost you by not responding to you at all. Or, he could hit you with a “slow fade”.

Whichever way he decides, if you are going down that route, it might mean that your relationship has soured.

Bottom line

If an Aries man loves you, he will place you on a pedestal. He will want to spend every waking moment by your side and show his affection openly in public.

He is not necessarily needy but the desire to connect at a deeper level. He will pay attention to every detail about you and what you value.

This man struggles to vocally communicate his feelings but sufficiently compensates for it through physical affection.

He values the quality of experience with you and will striving for emotional intimacy beyond the physical.

Perhaps when you notice a significant change in these patterns it should raise questions. But more generally, if your gut is telling you something is up, it may be time to start packing.

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