When A Leo Man Is Done With You?

With his larger-than-life personality, dating a Leo man is no easy task. He has a desire to be held in high regard and will not admit to a failing relationship.  

When a Leo man is done with you, he will most likely express it in a passive aggressive way rather than be upfront with you about it.

You may seem to have an ideal relationship going on, but if you sense a sudden change in attitude from him, he may no longer be interested. 

8 Signs That A Leo Man Is Done With You

8 Signs That A Leo Man Is Done With You

Here are some tell-tale signs when a Leo man is done with you.

He becomes self-absorbed

The Leo man is ego-driven. He thrives in the spotlight and appreciates being placed on a pedestal by his partner. If he feels that he is not receiving affection in this way, he will feel neglected.

Bruising the ego of a Leo man is the first step to losing his interest. He is very sensitive and demanding. He expects to be treated nothing short of royalty.

If he has been self-absorbed, not showing an ounce of care lately, he feels that he doesn’t need you anymore. 

He displays erratic moods

Leo’s ruling planet is the sun so everything about him is hot. His temper is no exception.

He is incredibly warm and kind when he likes you. His fiery temper will be neatly tucked behind his charm until he no longer values you the same.

He will try to push you out of his life by being passive aggressive. One minute he’s your best friend, the next he is icy for no apparent reason. 

He stops getting jealous

This king of the jungle is highly territorial. He easily gets offended and jealous if anyone tries to draw your attention away from him.

A Leo man is competitive in nature and demands your loyalty. If he feels betrayed or is no longer interested in pursuing a relationship with you, he will seem less bothered by your involvements.

He flirts with other women

Leo’s outgoing personality is magnetic and gets him a lot of attention. 

Nonetheless, once he is in a relationship he will remain fiercely loyal. He prioritizes his partner and keeps off suggestive engagement with other women.

If the spark is no longer there, you will most likely catch him sparking a new interest elsewhere shamelessly.

He is no longer intimate

When it comes to bedroom matters, the Leo man is fiery and deeply passionate. His dominance will be clearly visible.

He takes every chance he gets to express his sexual prowess. With a drive that matches his personality, there are no off days.

If things seem to be slowing down noticeably, he might be running out of interest.

He complains unnecessarily

Leo is known for his enthusiastic positivity. He has a positive outlook on life and barely complains.

When he is invested in a relationship, it is easy for him to overlook his partner’s shortcomings. 

If he suddenly starts picking fights over unimportant things, or complain over things he normally wouldn’t, it’s a clear sign he is done with you.

He doesn’t ‘show you off’

Though marked as conceited, a Leo guy is generous with his limelight. He is quick to parade his significant other.

He holds the expectation of his circle of friends to respect and treat his partner to equal regard.

When a Leo man is done with you, you will notice that he no longer makes time for you. You no longer pop up in his conversations with his mates or social media posts.

This is a clear indication that he is either preoccupied with someone new, or is no longer pleased to have you as his ‘prized possession’.

He cuts you off

Leo is idealistic when it comes to relationships and future stability. 

He makes deliberate efforts to make inclusive plans and is keen to listen to his partner’s opinions.

He is enthusiastic about partaking in activities together and will go an extra mile to make it a regular thing,

If he is suddenly cold and secretive about his goals or he’s giving you excuses to miss a scheduled activity, he wants to keep you at a distance. 

How to Make A Leo Man Stay

How to Make A Leo Man Stay

The general impression of a Leo man, it that he is full of himself but has a soft spot for the woman he loves. 

If you want to make him stay, you have to act like the woman Leo wants.

  • Be openly affectionate. Applaud him; shower him with endless flattery and adoration. 
  • Be loyal. Show everyone you love him and treat him like he is the only one.
  • Be self-confident and dress like the trophy wife he desires.
  • Let him be the centre of attention and avoid embarrassing him in public.
  • Most importantly, play your part in keeping the relationship fiery and intimate.

Bottom Line

Leo is a proud man. He will brave heartbreak, betrayal or neglect in a passive aggressive manner. 

Although he is a devoted lover, he is quick to draw a line whenever he feels less than royalty in a relationship. 

Being a fixed sign, he is very unyielding to apologies. It is therefore important to find out when a Leo man is done with you and see if there is anything you can do to quickly remedy the situation.

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