How Does A Scorpio Man Act When He Likes You?

Though quite expressive, it’s possible to misunderstand a Scorpio man, especially if you think he likes you.

If you are trying to figure out how a Scorpio man acts when he likes you, don’t get frustrated. Here a few pointers to help you discover where you stand.

How does a Scorpio man act when he likes you

Scorpio man

1. He’ll compete for your attention

It’s natural to be extra with someone you consider a potential partner. A Scorpio man will go all out to draw your attention. He will treat it as a matter of urgency and will not shy away from fighting for his chance if it comes down to it.

He will deter you from taking active interest in other guys and give you undivided attention. He can’t stand the idea of losing. His possessive nature is loud and unapologetic. He will want to compare himself with other men in your life and do better than them.

If he does establish dominance, he will continue to question your relationship and will make you work hard to prove your love for him.

2. He’s super protective

When a Scorpio man likes you, he will often put his arm around you to show his feelings. He will do this subconsciously without realizing it. This is his way of marking his territory.

This man is not only possessive but will protect you with all his might. He might get angry or disgruntled if other guys approach you. He is insecure and gets jealous quite often.

If he suspects a hint of disloyalty from you, he could be very resentful and vengeful. He’ll device new ways of asserting his dominance and letting everyone know well enough not to try vying for your affection.

3. He’ll call frequently

If you are not close to him at any moment, a Scorpio man call you frequently to make sure that you are okay. Again, this is also a way of asserting his dominance.

It may be a bit overwhelming and will only increase as your relationship grows.

Scorpios exhibit the classic alpha male complex and often view their spouses as incapable of looking after themselves. It is an arrangement that you will need to get used to if you are planning on a serious relationship with him.

4. He might invite you to his personal space

A Scorpio man struggles with a lot of trust issues. He rarely enjoys hanging out with anyone in his private space.

For you to qualify sharing his personal space, he will subject you to a series of tough questions and psycho-analyze you.

If he lets you in, he considers you worthy to share his space after careful cross-examination. If you have already made a trip or two to his “sanctuary”, he likes you and is more than happy to share his space with you.

5. He’ll ask you questions

When he likes you, a Scorpio man will leave no stone unturned. He will dig deeper into your life by asking you questions.

He’s trying to figure out whether or not there is a connection with you. He’ll be keen to understand your mannerisms, likes and dislikes.

Any common interests that you may have in common are a great start. You’ll notice him enjoying the same things you like with time. He may be trying to impress you and win you over.

He will assess you from every point of view, often times driving you over the edge of your comfort zone. Be prepared to explain any skeletons in your closet.

6. He’ll open up to you

This is one of the toughest things a Scorpio man can do. He is very insecure about his past failures and vulnerabilities. Sharing his experiences takes a lot of effort.

If he is opening up to you about his life, silly little details or dives deeper into his insecurities, he cares about you and feels safe in your presence.

7. He’ll get physical

Scorpios are very sensual. A Scorpio man will jump at any romantic attention you give him.

He appreciates some good quality lone time with you and will always clear his busy schedule to spend time with you.

He’ll crave for your presence and won’t hesitate to tell you how he feels about having you around.

Bottom line

Being the love interest of this man is an interesting experience and significantly different from what you’d get with other guys.

He stands out without trying and is a natural leader. It’s typical to find a Scorpio man seemingly a little full of himself. He tends to be passive aggressive and displays an “alpha male” personality.

Nonetheless, he also has a tender and sensual side that will be more so evident if he likes you.

If he hasn’t verbally told you that he likes you yet, and he’s not actively trying to control your every move, he might not like you as much as you think.

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