How To Make A Gemini Man Jealous?

Are you purposely trying to elicit a jealous reaction from your Gemini man?

First thing for you to understand is, Gemini guys are excellent at hiding their inner emotions, which makes it extremely difficult to know when they get jealous.

Even so, the intense emotion of jealousy has the power of making him die a little inside and start looking at things in a different light. This strategy might work for you or against you.

How to make a Gemini man jealous

Gemini man jealous

Think of these tips on how to make a Gemini man jealous as a last resort and recognize when it’s time to call it quits!

1. Be flirtatious with other guys

Typically, a Gemini man is very competitive when it comes to his romantic interests. Once he has you, he will easily feel threatened if other guys approach you.

Deliberately talking to other guys while he’s watching might cause him some intense bout of jealousy.

While it might make others uncomfortable, a little light flirty session could be the key to him taking notice of you again.

Be it a random stranger, a co-worker or a mutual friend be mindful not to cross the lines and draw the wrong reaction.

2. Be mysterious

A really easy strategy to make him jealous is by being very elusive about your schedule.

Constant mental stimulation is a Gemini guy’s cup of tea. Keep him guessing where you are or who you are with. Sounds a lot like playing hard to get, but by adding that aura of mystery will get him thinking.

If suddenly he no longer has access to your daily schedules, he will start to worry that you are making room for someone else.

A dash of mystery could make him jealous since and you a more alluring prospect.

3. Make him compete for your attention

Gemini guys can be true show-offs. Being a social butterfly, he will introduce you to all his friends plus acquaintances and isn’t shy to publicly display affection.

When you are suddenly not available for his social meet ups, he’ll crave for you more.

Turn him down more often, indulge in other activities and use your vacation days to go on a trip with friends. The trick is to be cheerful while with other people and sulk around him.

He will feel lonely and jealous and begin to realize how much you actually do for him. This could be the wake-up call he needs to re-evaluate his behavior.

4. Be unresponsive when he flirts

It is difficult to hold a Gemini man against his charismatic personality. He enjoys being friendly with everyone, a bit too flirty sometimes.

This might not be an issue until you are in a relationship with him. Obviously by now he is used to you reacting a certain way towards his flirtatious behavior.

To make him jealous, act indifferent when you notice him flirting. Remain calm, collected and make no comment about it.  He will be conflicted over your reaction (0r lack of) which will make him jealous and make him want to get your attention back.

5. Turn down his help

A Gemini man easily detaches from his feelings, so your relationship will be lacking when it comes to emotional connection. Nonetheless, he will be very protective of you and will want to jump in and help at every chance.

To make him feel jealous, decline his offer to help you. Show him that you can be independent and accomplish tasks on your own.

Turn to your friends for support and don’t include him in your plans. This is a sure way of making him driving him over the edge of jealousy.

6. Be vague about the future

Though a Gemini man is slow to commit in a relationship, he values a secure future.

If he is suddenly unsure of the future with you, he will begin to panic.

When he asks to make plans with you, be as elusive as possible. Avoid giving him direct answer for instance; tell him you have other plans for that day.

By being vague about the future, he will automatically think that someone else will be spending more time with you. This will make him jealous and he will try harder to spend more time with you.

Bottom line

To be blunt, a Gemini guys require a lot of mental stimulation to keep their interest.

If you are in a long-term relationship with him, you realize by now how easy it is for him to take you for granted. He accepts the things you do for him without question or appreciation. Sometimes it takes getting him jealous to make him sit up and take notice.

However, making your Gemini man jealous could be a dangerous game. If played the right way, you might win it. Be careful not to push him away, cause harm to your relationship and not to mention yourself.

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