Aquarius Sun Virgo Moon: A Guide For You

If you come into contact with Aquarius sun Virgo moon personalities, you’ll quickly notice their “can-do attitude”.

With a strong sense of positivity and perseverance, they have a burning desire to execute on a plan or a goal. The idea is to get it done, even if they’re moving forward a step and not a mile at a time.

What are they like?

Celebrities who are Aquarius Sun Virgo Moon

Being able to adapt and thrive in different settings is their stronghold.  They are willing to risk making mistakes working toward improvement, than being satisfied with the status quo. They understand that learning comes only through making mistakes.

Aquarius sun Virgo moon personalities consider their options, choose one and stick to it, without looking back with regret on the paths not taken. With the bigger picture in mind, they prioritize what is most important and do it immediately. They have a bias for action rather than procrastinating since ideas alone are useless without action.

These personalities strive to achieve their goals in a disciplined way. They know their strengths and weaknesses, and they delegate accordingly. They don’t exploit people, things or needlessly indulge. They treat others fairly and are rational in their decisions.

When faced with a challenge, they avoid stress by reaching out. They realize that their time is worth more than trying to figure out every little detail. This reflects a high sense of self-worth and makes them good team players. However, this trait might make them appear bossy.

Even though it may seem as if the Aquarius sun Virgo moon personalities self-driven, assertive and effective, their critical nature makes them prone to over thinking. They build imaginary walls to detach themselves from situations that slow them down. This makes them appear cold or emotionless.

Nonetheless, it’s because they know that negative emotions can quickly derail a situation in a way that isn’t productive. They play cool and don’t let their actions affect the outcome of their progress. They are consistent, honor their commitments, and are environmentally aware.

Aquarius sun Virgo moon personalities consider themselves born to serve humanity and they draw their fulfillment through helping and empowering others.

Personality traits (Man)

What stands out most about the Aquarius sun Virgo moon man is his mental prowess. He pushes himself to the next level of growth, intellectually and socially even when it’s not going smoothly.

Diligently working on a project, he will go above and beyond what is required, knowing that there’s value in all the “little things”. He is bold, competent and comfortable working independently. However, he will not shy from asking for support when he needs it.

He constantly requests for feedback and guidance in foreign situations. He accepts personal differences and is open to constructive criticism, reflecting on failure and success, and when necessary, re-evaluating his goals.

This man tends to have a moral compass and demonstrates honesty and integrity. He is mindful of those around him and considers how his actions impact the feelings and values of others.

Despite that, the Aquarius sun Virgo moon man is highly critical, uptight and might appear to display a superior attitude.

Personality traits (Woman)

It’s easy to assume that the Aquarius sun Virgo moon woman is overly dominating. But in reality, her assertiveness and goal-oriented mindset could be overbearing. She confidently pursues her dreams with her two feet on the ground.

She has clear goals and actively works to achieve them in a rational manner. She knows what is important both on a daily basis and in the long run.

This woman seeks to be well-rounded intellectually, socially and culturally. She is passionately curious and jumps at every opportunity to participate in learning experiences.

Another impressive trait of the Aquarius sun Virgo moon woman is the ability to understand her strengths and weaknesses. She confidently takes charge in her comfort zone, and has no problem admitting she’s unfamiliar with a certain concept.

She doesn’t dwell on defeat. She uses her failures to improve her tactics and thinking processes. In fact, she will adjust her expectations to cushion the blow of disappointment. She values every small victory and is swift to move on.

There is no such thing as procrastination in her world. She doesn’t allow outside circumstances to determine her course of action.

She displays a great deal of resourcefulness and ingenuity. If she finds it impossible to create a new solution for the situation at hand, she will make old things work better.

With her moon in Virgo, her emotions could spiral out of control real quick. Though she is capable of handling herself in crowds, she could easily get overwhelmed by the build-up.

Beyond that, she is a cheerful and open- minded woman that adores her diamonds.

Who is the perfect match for Aquarius Sun Virgo Moon

Aquarius Sun Virgo Moon personalities are very picky and direct when it comes to relationships.

Although they are not particularly unapproachable, they appear emotionally disconnected and hard to be in a relationship with.

Gemini, Libra or Aries woman is a perfect match for the Aquarius sun Virgo moon man. They are less judgmental, more tolerant and adaptable to his traits that other signs might not be able to handle.

Leo, Virgo and Gemini men have refined sensitivities. They respond more reasonably and logically, rather than impulsively. They also tend to be more accepting of most complexities possessed by the Aquarius sun Virgo moon woman and would make good partners.

Celebrities who are Aquarius Sun Virgo Moon

  1. Julia Jones – Born January 23, 1981: An American actress, known for playing Leah Clearwater in The Twilight Saga films based on the Twilight series.
  2. John Joseph Travolta – Born February 18, 1954: An American actor, dancer, and singer.
  3. Deborah Ann Woll – Born February 7, 1985: An American actress best known for her role as Jessica Hamby on HBO’s True Blood.
  4. Justin Gatlin – Born February 10, 1982: An American sprinter, who is an Olympic gold medalist in the 100-meter dash.
  5. Damian Watcyn Lewis – Born February 11, 1971: An English actor and producer. He is best known for portraying Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody in the Showtime series Homeland

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