What Happens When You Ignore An Aquarius Man?

The right action will always nudge, push, or compel anyone towards the desired reaction.

Generally, a man doesn’t react the same way as a woman. In case you decide to ignore him, he is likely to presume everything is fine unless you tell him otherwise.

With an Aquarius man however, it’s hard to predict. He tends to be stubborn and arrogant when provoked.

Perhaps you’re considering this route as a way of trying to change his behavior.

If so, here as some outcomes to expect when you ignore an Aquarius man.

What happens when you ignore an Aquarius man

Aquarius man

1. He starts liking you more

Uncertainty plays a huge role in attraction for an Aquarius man. He is naturally curious and when he puts his mind to something, he will try to achieve it no matter what.

If he is not sure of your feelings for him, he will want to find out more about you. The yearning intrigues him so he may want you more.

You may realize his feelings for you growing since at this point he’s uncertain of your feelings.

It might sound fascinating having him chase after you, but it may get out of hand.

An Aquarius man is never interested in women that are easily available. He will want to ‘earn’ the top prize. He can be obsessive and annoying trying to win back your attention.

Being as creative and innovative as he is, he will find new ways to get through to you.

3. Straight-up action

Although he may be a total charmer and exceptional friend, when it comes to the matters of the heart an Aquarius man may seem like he has absolutely no idea what he is doing.

Ghosting him might make him realize that his aloof nature doesn’t sit well with you. He will immediately try to be more intentional with you in a bolder and more accommodating approach.

He likes action. He would like to solve the issues at hand as soon as they arise.

3. He wants what he can’t have

Breaking off contact with an Aquarius man denies him the chance of talking to you. Though he is a social butterfly and has plenty of peers to interact with, he is now fixated on you.

Taking away that privilege drives him more and more to want to talk to you.

He will analyze every reason why you are avoiding him. Your absence plus his inquisitive nature will take over his mind and make him obsessed with contacting you.

It plays out a lot like reverse psychology; you tell him he can’t have it, he will want to have it more than ever.

4. You want attention

An Aquarius man is very sensitive to rejection. At the same time, he is not very expressive in love.

Sometimes it takes that distance for him to take notice of what he has been taking for granted or not appreciating enough.

Your absence can trigger a sense of loneliness and make him want to compensate for not being present when you needed him.

He might perceive your absence as a way of telling him that you need his attention.

5. Heartbreak

While stepping back a bit can make him itch to want to talk to you, an Aquarius man might also be mentally damaged by the silence.

He is a good listener and a problem solver and would expect you to present your issues to him for discussion rather than go mute.

If all attempts to reach out to you fail, he will be heartbroken.

He will circle back, re-evaluate your compatibility and most certainly move on.

6. Hedged acceptance

When you set a pattern like this, it’s very difficult to undo the mental damage that is already done.

An Aquarius man has a lot of self-respect, is a free-spirit and wouldn’t want to be tied down to drama.

Taking a passive aggressive stance to keep up with the silence will be the final nail on the coffin.

This man will not hesitate to walk away from a toxic situation and quickly jump onto the next.

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Bottom line

As aloof as he can be, an Aquarius man is not afraid to fall in love. He will love genuinely and makes a great long-term partner.

He is not in touch with his feelings and isn’t expressive. Public display of affection is not his cup of tea and you shouldn’t expect him to be closely intimate either

Nonetheless, he is a total people person and would easily swap a good relationship for friendship.

If an Aquarius man likes you, he is willing to compromise with you. He will adapt where necessary and try reaching a mutual understanding where he can’t.

When all of a sudden you are not available, his imaginative mind will be in a constant state of doubt and confusion. He will be consumed in his thoughts and try reaching out.

He is brutally blunt and expects the same of you. He would want to know what the problem is and how to address it.

Silence might draw him closer, or push him all the way out.

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