How To Hurt A Virgo Man To Make Him Notice?

 The sad truth about most guys is that they’re not even aware that they hurt you. If you don’t react immediately, they will assume that everything must be fine and an apology isn’t forthcoming. If you are here because you want to know how to hurt a Virgo man to make him take notice, you are in the right place.

How to hurt a Virgo man

Virgo man

1. Criticize him publicly

One of the greatest fears of a Virgo man is being publicly humiliated. He is very sensitive about his image and it would hurt him dearly if you tarnished his image.

Understandably, it isn’t easy for anyone to accept criticism. It is especially hard for a Virgo man because it reflects on his perfectionism, insecurities and need for control.

That said, no one expects you to just roll over and accept his ill manners without raising a brow. In fact, calling him out on his behavior would be the best thing to do.

However, attacking or blaming him in public could really shake him up.

Repeated public humiliation will eventually make him doubt his ability to do things right. This will make him question his value and have diminished feelings of self-worth. If prolonged, it could lead to serious mental health problems and recurrent depression.

2. Compare him to others

Virgo guys are known to be extremely self-critical and holding ridiculously high standards.

Though he knows he is a big deal, he struggles with esteem issues. It would cripple him if you affirmed his doubts by comparing him to other guys.

When you compare him to someone else, you are deliberately creating unrealistic expectations for him to match. By simply piecing together the best of other guys, you dishearten him and make him feel irrelevant.

Additionally, it would imply that you lack respect and gratitude for his positive aspects and it will be hard for him to come to terms with that.

3. Emotional betrayal

A Virgo man is fiercely loyal and expects the same of you. What would hurt him even more than physical infidelity is emotional cheating.

Turning to your close friend or family for support is acceptable. However, if you find yourself blowing off steam chatting away with a colleague you consider attractive, you have definitely crossed the lines.

Though the relationship is nonsexual, it can lead to you over sharing intimate details. If you know your Virgo man wouldn’t be comfortable with this kind of interaction, it will kill him inside to find out.

4. Point out his flaws

If you have been with a Virgo man, perhaps you are familiar with his random anxiety. He tends to over analyze every situation.

It would really throw him off balance if you pointed out some of his flaws. Not that he isn’t aware, he is just sensitive about it.

Constantly magnifying his flaws will drive him over the edge. He might be an expert at concealing his emotions but when it builds up, he will make an explosion.

5. Emotional neglect

By nature, a Virgo man is distrustful and skeptical and will only turn to you for emotional support if he trusts you and thinks highly of you.

As his partner, he would expect you to connect with him physically and emotionally especially during the hard time.

The ultimate betrayal move would be to become unavailable. Prioritizing your friends, work and hobbies over him would be very hurtful.

Creating an emotional and physical distance and neglecting his needs would make him feel irrelevant and unwanted. Additionally, being defensive about your behavior would further escalate the situation and leave him feeling dejected.

6. Lying or withholding information

Hand in hand, trust goes with loyalty. A Virgo man values these two virtues above all else.

He has expectations of you to match his high standards as his partner. He doesn’t anticipate any secrets between you two and will strive to build your relationship on a foundation of honesty.

Failing to share information that concerns him or keeping secrets for a selfish reason would totally break him.

Regardless of whether you were protecting him from a potentially upsetting situation or hiding the fact that you were flirting with someone else, if he finds out it could be as good as a done deal.

Bottom line

Virgos are a particularly sensitive sign in the zodiac.

Though they are pros at bottling up their emotions, they don’t have the capacity to endure hurt.

It will drive him crazy if you pick on his flaws and shortcomings. This will be especially hurtful if there’s an audience.

His severe self-criticism will punish him mentally for days on end. He can’t stand feeling irrelevant or unwanted.

The truth is — we all send out negative vibes, occasionally without fully realizing it. If not made aware of our behavior, it could become a pattern.

If you want to get even with a Virgo man over something that he did, the best approach would be having a deep and meaningful conversation about it.

Eventually, passive aggressive behavior will prove detrimental to your relationship, your mental health and that of your partner.

If you are too fixated on vengeance, it might be a sign to throw in the towel!

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