Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon: What You Need To Know

A unique quality that distinguishes Virgo sun Scorpio moon people is their intuitive abilities. They have a candid and realistic understanding of themselves. Read on to learn more.

What are they like?

Virgo sun Scorpio moon man

They are in tune with how they feel, but do not let their emotions dictate how they react. They are mindfully present when responding to situations. They know what they are doing and thinking, and why, on any occasion. In fact, practicing mindfulness for them is a large part of being self-aware.

They are rational in their words and actions, and how those things affect both their outlook on life, as well as the people around them.

Virgo sun Scorpio moon people tend to be logical thinkers. However, with the intense Scorpio Moon in play, they don’t cope well under pressure. They are easily overwhelmed with foreign concepts that are difficult for their emotional intelligence to process.

These people are known for having a firm grasp of their ideologies. While they like to think that they are making rational decisions, they still heavily rely on intuition than careful analysis. They easily favour sides and ideas that they relate to.

And when it comes to moving crowds, they could sell water to the proverbial well. The desire to be in constant control might often pan out as irrational, judgemental or dictatorial.

Virgo sun Scorpio moon people distance themselves from their mistakes, but do so without forgetting them. By keeping their mistakes at a safe distance, yet handy enough to refer to, they are able to adapt and adjust. With experience, they typically enjoy empowering others.

Although this personality profile makes great intellects, they are the most emotional Virgos in the zodiac.

Personality traits (Man)

Some of the most common misconceptions about Virgo sun Scorpio moon man are that he is distant and arrogant. These false impressions are a result of his dominant and secretive nature.

  • He has a tendency to takeover tasks delegated to subordinates. He would prefer to get things done his way and disregard alternatives.
  • He is a classic manifestation of “still waters run deep”. He will often try to act calm and collected but there’s a brooding storm below the surface. He experiences intense feelings, which he often finds unnecessary to disclose.
  • Perhaps, unsurprisingly, the withdrawn Virgo sun Scorpio moon man ends up lost in all that convulsive emotion. With such torment, he can bring out his jealous, vengeful, obsessive and anxious traits.
  • In many cases however, he is quite the charm. He is self-aware and radiates sheer courage and commitment. He is very skilful at connecting with others and is easily liked by those around him.

Personality traits (Woman)

In many ways, the Virgo sun Scorpio moon woman appears to have unique problem-solving abilities.

  • She has better understanding of her own emotional landscape and that of others. She has learned to take note of her gut instincts and use them to her advantage. At the same time, her intuition helps her be easily manipulative.
  • She is seldom satisfied with shallow relationships. For this reason, she will seek intense engagement which might only be found in passionate, dramatic love affairs.
  • She simply cannot stand to be confronted with alternative solutions. She is often completely overwhelmed by new concepts. To her, it does not matter whether it works or not. She is explosive with high levels of control, rules and tight regulations.
  • Many of her actions of are driven by her wish to excel at everything. She loves to spend her time with activities that allow her to use her imagination and creativity. The Virgo sun Scorpio moon woman is more likely to be an artist, writer, musician, painter, or designer.

Who is the perfect match?

While their shrewd and distant personality can be intimidating, Virgo sun Scorpio moon people are actually deeply emotional.

In a sense, they connect with other people on such an intimate and deep level in such a short time. They are very sensual and make passionate partners.

Capricorn, Scorpio and Pisces women are credited for their innate ability to brave “still waters”. They make excellent partners in both love and business for the Virgo Sun Scorpio moon man.

Scorpio, Gemini or Pisces men are generally flexible enough to match the ever-changing phases of the Virgo sun Scorpio moon woman.

Celebrities who are Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon

  1. Beyoncé Knowles – Born: September 4, 1981: American singer and actress.
  2. Michael Bublé – Born: September 9, 1975: Canadian singer, songwriter and actor.
  3. Raquel Welch – Born: September 5, 1940: American actress and sex symbol.
  4. Jack Ma – Born: September 10, 1964: Chinese business magnate, investor and philanthropist.
  5. Thalía – Born: August 26, 1971: Mexican singer, songwriter, businesswoman, and former actress.

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