Spiritual Meaning Of Dreaming About The Same Person

If you keep dreaming about the same person, there are probably unresolved feelings between you and them. Such dreams can also be triggered by memories, events or emotions associated with that person. Below, we discuss the possible spiritual meaning of dreams about the same person. 

What Does It Mean When You Repeatedly Dream About The Same Person?

What Does It Mean When You Repeatedly Dream About The Same Person

Dreaming about someone once or twice is common and not surprising. Dreaming about the same person night after night can get unsettling. 

Some people have reported that someone will appear in their dreams even when taking a short nap. It’s like the brain is persistently nagging you about that specific person. 

The repeated occurrence of someone in your dreams is usually an indication of unresolved feelings. They could be positive or negative. 

  • In many cases, you simply miss someone. You may not even realize it consciously, but certain events in your life could trigger subconscious memories of someone. It could be a long lost friend, an ex, a past work colleague and so on. It could also be a dream of someone who has passed on.
  • You have unresolved feelings of guilt. Maybe you wronged someone and did not make up for it. Guilt can well up months or years later and that person could start appearing in your dreams. 
  • You are angry at someone like your parents or a friend. The unresolved anger causes them to appear in your dreams. Sometimes, it could be anger you’ve held for years that suddenly breaks through to the surface. 
  • You like or love someone but they don’t know it yet or they don’t reciprocate the affection. Having an unmet need for friendship or love could trigger dreams about the same person. 
  • You are worried about someone close to you like your child, parent or friend. Sometimes, you are aware of the worry. Other times, it’s subconscious; it’s only when you analyze the dream and your feelings that you discover you are concerned about that person.

The best way to stop these dreams is to try and resolve your feelings or needs, if it’s possible. 

For instance, open your heart to that person you’d like to be friends or lovers with. If you are angry, forgive that person even if you are not ready to talk to them. If you are worried about someone’s well being, a talk over the phone or face to face is often enough to calm yourself.  

Dreaming About The Same Person Romantically

Dreaming About The Same Person Romantically 

Romantic dreams about someone can be as mild as dreaming that you are going on a date or as intense as dreaming you are married. 

Generally, persistent romantic dreams about the same person indicate you have feelings for them. They are probably constantly on your mind during the day, so it’s no surprise that they also appear in your dreams. 

Afterall, dreams are knitted together partly from our memories and emotions. 

In most such cases, you are experiencing unrequited affection. Either you’ve not spoken your feelings or you have and that person is not interested. 

Depending on which is which, there are two ways to go about this. 

One, let the person know you like them. Two, work through the rejection with the help of a friend or therapist until the dreams disappear. 

Of course, if you are having romantic dreams about someone and you already have a partner or spouse, that’s a whole different thing. 

You are probably dissatisfied in your current relationship. You have to decide if the relationship is work saving or if you need to end it. 

Dreaming About The Same Person That I’ve Never Met

This is the strangest of these kinds of persistent dreams. Every time you close your eyes, a stranger appears in your dreams. 

You’ve never met them, at least as far as you remember, and it’s the same person who keeps appearing. 

There’s a possibility that you’ve met them before, just that you can’t remember. It’s a memory in your subconscious. 

Maybe you saw them on TV, or in the street, or years ago. Try to focus on the face and see if you can remember them. 

If it’s really a stranger you are dreaming about, then the dreams could mean something very different. 

For example, the stranger might represent that period in your life or a big decision you have to make. They could reflect feelings of anxiety, happiness, or doubt that you are experiencing over something. 

A stranger in your dreams could also be a version of you – a part of your personality. It could be you talking to yourself, assuring yourself, or stirring up worry and anxiety. 

Try to analyze your emotions during the dream. They’ll tell you a lot about what the stranger represents. 

Dreaming About An Ex

It is common to dream about your ex now and then. After all, they were an important part of your life; a part you cannot fully erase. 

But if you are suddenly dreaming about them every night, it’s worth looking deeper into why it’s happening. 

Most likely, current events or emotions have stirred up memories about your ex and that’s why you are dreaming about them. 

Something as simple as smelling a perfume they used to wear can bring a cascade of memories. 

Discontent in your current relationship can also get you pining for your ex. You might have romantic or even sexual dreams about them.  

If you were in an abusive relationship, that trauma could cause unsettling dreams involving your ex. They can be triggered by a random memory of them or something your current partner does or says. 

Take time to figure out what’s causing you to dream about your ex. If it’s trauma, therapy can help you get rid of these dreams before they become nightmares.

If you have unresolved feelings of anger, guilt, or affection, figure out whether it’s worth it to call your ex and talk it over. This can provide much-needed closure.  

Dreaming About A Family Member

The spiritual meaning of dreams about a family member depends on the kind of relationship you have. 

If it’s a good relationship, then you may just be missing them or worried about them. You may also be having anxiety over them dying or leaving, which can sometimes cause nightmares. 

Spending quality time with that family member and discussing what’s bothering you usually helps stop these dreams. 

If it’s a troubled relationship, you may be experiencing unresolved guilt, anger, regret or some other emotion. Find out what’s bothering you and see if there’s any way you can resolve it. 

In some cases – e.g. if the family member has passed on or you’d prefer not to talk to them – you may have to forgive them from a distance or forgive yourself. 

Dreaming About A Past or Childhood Friend

It’s not uncommon for a long lost friend to suddenly appear in your dreams. But when it happens over and over, there’s something your dreams are trying to tell you. 

Often, it’s because you miss them. Something like a movie you both loved or a game you used to play could have triggered a memory of them. 

You could also be missing the time of your life when they were around. This can happen when life gets a bit too demanding and you miss a simpler time. Dreaming about a past friend could be because you’d love nothing more than to go back to that time. 

Try to track them down and reconnect. It will help stop the dreams. 

Of course, negative emotions of guilt, anger or regret can also cause you to dream about a childhood friend. 

If that’s the case, find a way to create closure. You can track them down and have a talk or work through the feelings on your own and move on.   

Dreaming About Your Partner 

Couples will occasionally dream about each other. But it’s unusual to constantly dream about your partner, especially if you are together physically (if it’s a long distance relationship, you are probably missing them, hence the dreams). 

If you find yourself with recurring dreams involving your partner, figure out the emotions behind the dreams. Often, it’s because of unmet needs or hidden emotions that you’ve been holding in. 

Maybe you feel your partner doesn’t love you any more or you are worried they are cheating on you. It could also be that you are the one feeling guilty because you’ve wronged them. 

To work through these feelings, the best thing is to communicate with your partner. Discuss your worries, concerns, or feelings. 

How To Stop Dreaming About The Same Person

How To Stop Dreaming About The Same Person

Across all the above dream scenarios, the solution is generally the same, and it’s a 2-step process. 

First, identify the emotions in your dreams. They’ll help you figure out what someone keeps appearing in your dreams. 

For example, if you realize you are angry at that person in the dream, it could be because of something they said or did. 

If they are romantic feelings, then you probably have a crush on them. 

The second step is working through these feelings to resolve them. There are many ways to do this depending on the situation such as talking to the person, working on the feelings yourself through journaling, or seeking therapy.

Looking for more dreams explanations? You can read this guide to someone at your doors in your dreams.  

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