Scorpio Sun Aquarius Moon: What You Need To Know

Preoccupied with human motives, the Scorpio sun Aquarius moon personalities are noble hearted. They are guided by love, charity, humanity and compassion. Read on to learn more.

What are they like?

Celebrities who are Scorpio Sun Aquarius Moon

They tend to have a knack for understanding where everyone is coming from. They are respectful in their words and actions. Recognizing the humanity in all individuals, they respect the lives of each person.

They are confident in their goodness and worthiness, and are easy to co-exist with. However, these people often feel misunderstood. Their contributions frequently go unnoticed but they still other people’s goals and passions. They are also good at encouraging others.

When influenced by the Aquarius moon, they are drawn to knowledge of the unknown. They don’t waste time on something that doesn’t fulfil them.

The Scorpio sun Aquarius moon personalities aren’t perfect, and they don’t strive to be. However, they keep improving themselves by learning as much as they can. Strongly dedicated to some higher purpose, it seems they’re always up to something.

Their ideas and opinions aren’t ordinary. They value their individuality as part of their natural disposition. They are big thinkers who have the ability to perceive things and express their ideas in their own, unique way.

They dislike the idea of surrendering their uniqueness for the sake of conformity. Nonetheless, they are open to new concepts and are willing to be team players.

Something about their personality makes you want to get to know them better. They give off a vibe of mystery and confidence that makes them wildly attractive.

They’re caring, and make for good listeners.

Personality traits (Man)

Though the Scorpio sun Aquarius moon man is not as intelligent as perceived, he has a natural curiosity about a variety of things.

  • Material things don’t have special value in his life. Instead, he is solely driven and motivated by imagination, creation and constant learning.
  • Dealing with repetitive tasks is his biggest nightmare. His mind is constantly thirsty for new things and ideas.
  • He knows what he wants and fearlessly fights for it. However, his Aquarius moon influences his split personality. He is often caught between his sensitivity and rationality.
  • Even more so, he is quite aware of the emotional baggage that he carries on his shoulders and how it affects his behaviour. For this reason, he tends to be a loner.
  • Nonetheless, he is a good listener, loyal to the core, independent and above all, he is genuine. These qualities go hand-in-hand with making others feel special and heard.

Personality traits (Woman)

A woman influenced by the Scorpio sun Aquarius moon is a strong natural leader.

  • She likes to take matters into her own hands but she is also keen to seek help when needed. She prefers being surrounded by inspiring individuals who can teach her a lot of new things.
  • Genuineness and truth is her motto. She values individuality beyond anything else. She can’t stand fake or manipulative people.
  • When she sets a goal, she will roll up her sleeves and work hard to achieve it. Making excuses is not her thing. She believes in effort, mutual respect and appreciation and she expects the same from others.
  • Regardless of the topic of conversation, she will always have something valuable to add. You’ll likely notice that she keeps her interactions captivating and inclusive. The infectious excitement makes people enjoy having conversations with her.
  • Because you will never figure her out fully, you will never get bored. Her mysterious charm and her social skills will make you feel like you’re the only person in the room.
  • Their Aquarius moon causes a lot of mental torment inside her head.  She is perpetually haunted by varying degrees internal conflicts.

Who is the perfect match?

The Scorpio sun Aquarius moon personalities may seem mysterious, unemotional and detached, but in reality they’re easy-going, fun and loving.

When they really like someone, they will express their affection in the most genuine way.

Capricorn, Libra and Aquarius women share a lot of things in common with the Scorpio sun Aquarius moon man. They understand each other, and therefore, make good partners.

The Scorpio sun Aquarius moon woman seeks a partner who shares in her interests. Aries, Gemini and Sagittarius men love new experiences, adventure and independence which make them almost ideal for this woman.

Celebrities who are Scorpio Sun Aquarius Moon

  1. Caitlyn Marie Jenner formerly known as Bruce Jenner – Born October 28, 1949: An American television personality and retired Olympic gold medal-winning decathlete.
  2. Nolan Gould – Born October 28, 1998: An American child actor.
  3. Ebba Tove Elsa Nilsson better known by her stage name Tove Lo – Born October 29, 1987: A Swedish singer and songwriter from Stockholm, Sweden.
  4. Thomas Patrick “Tom” Cavanagh – Born October 26, 1963: A Canadian actor and co-host of the podcast Mike and Tom Eat Snacks on the Nerdist network.
  5. Princess Elisabeth, Duchess of Brabant – Born October 25, 2001: The heir apparent to the Belgian throne.

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