[Explained] Dream About War And Bombing

War in dreams, as in waking life, often has negative connotations. Wars occur because of conflict, so to experience a war in your dreams may mean that you are currently experiencing difficulties in terms of your relationships – whether that be friends, family, or a significant other. War dreams can also occur because of issues in your working life.

If you have a dream about war, it may very well be worth looking over your life and your loves and your career, to see if anything needs to be tweaked a little to avoid potential conflicts.

Dream about being in war zone

Dream about being in war zone

If you are in a war zone in your dreams, this means that you are probably experiencing some conflict in your life – whether this conflict is with another person, a situation, or even with yourself. Not every battle is with another person or a situation out of your control – sometimes the things we see ourselves battling against are our own demons.

When dreaming about war, it is important to work out what sort of war you are in. Are you on the winning side? Are you afraid,or triumphant? Do you feel like you want to run away? Each of these different feelings will have a different bearing on how your dream life plays out in the waking world.

If you are going through something which is hard work then you may well dream about being in a war zone, and it is a sign that you need to sit back, take stock, and probably have a good breathe before you go making any rash decisions or wading in with both feet into a discussion.

If you are actively participating in your night time war zone, it can be a gentle reminder that you need to have a think about your health. It may be time to slow down a little, and maybe go for a check up to put your mind at rest.

Dream about hiding in war

No one likes to think of themselves as a coward, whether in their conscious or subconscious, so if you are dreaming of hiding in war then you will probably wake up feeling a little uncomfortable! This dream is there to make you aware that there is some area of life which is making you feel powerless, and as if you are losing control.

Are you worried about losing a relationship – whether this be a friendship, a family connection, or a partner? These are some other reasons that you may see this dream arrive in your slumbers. It would be well worth sitting down with people in your life with whom you have some sort of conflict, and seeing if there’s any way you can resolve this.

Dreams about hiding in war can mean that you are trying to avoid facing problems in real life – the best thing you can do is face up to everything, then at least you know where you stand.

Dream about nuclear war

A dream about nuclear war represents such enormous conflicts, with mutually assured destruction, that it can be a very scary dream and leave you feeling very unsettled. This dream, uncomfortable though it is, can be a timely reminder that you need to sort out some areas in your life where seeds of conflict may be blooming.

This dream also highlights the fact that you are probably very stressed and worried about certain areas of your life, and that you feel you are losing control. Nuclear war is something that most of us have no control over, so to dream about it shows that you are feeling powerless and need to stand up for yourself.

The best thing you can do, if you are dreaming about nuclear war, is to take direct action, to ensure that you are making the most progress down the right path for you. Just don’t go in “all guns blazing!”

Dream about war and killing

To dream about war and killing has a few different meanings:

  • If you are killed in a dream this is not generally a positive dream (as you can probably imagine!) This dream symbolizes that you may be defeated by your rivals in the future – be this someone vying for your job at work, a grumpy neighbor, or a “friend” who is anything but.
  • If you dream of killing others you would be forgiven for thinking this is a more positive dream – after all, you’ve triumphed, right? Not so much… If you dream of killing others in a war then it is quite a loud sign from your subconscious that you need to take more care of your physical health than you have been.

When you dream about war and killing, it is a sign from life that you need to work out a few things – namely your physical health, and the health of your life and relationships in general.

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Dream about war bombing

Dreams about bombs represent our ability to contain our most explosive feelings, and to put that dynamic energy into positive things.

You may be harboring resentments, long buried anger, or have otherwise internalized your feelings at some point. You may find, following this dream, that you are asked to make some kind of big decision, that will affect your life in some dramatic way.

When you dream of bombs combined with war, this is not the best portent you could have. It shows that there could be explosions in your future, probably to do with a friend, partner, family member – or that you are feeling angry at one of these people deep down, but are not expressing it.

If you are dreaming about war, killing and bombs, the very best thing you can do is to sit down and try to put your life in order. Analyse your feelings towards a certain person or certain situation, and try to defuse the issue before it explodes out of your control.

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