[Explained] Dream About Fingernails

If you are wondering what a dream about fingernails means, have a look at what fingernails represent in waking life. They are placed right on the ends of your fingers, so they show our innate desire to grip on tightly, to hang on to things. Fingernails in dreams can represent our hard working natures in the waking world too, because they are attached to our fingers which help us to complete tasks.

Depending on what type of fingernails you dream of, and what is happening to those fingernails in your dreams, will depend on what different steps you can take to improve your life.

Dream about fingernails falling off

Dream about fingernails falling off

If your fingernails fall off in your dreams, this is a sign that things perhaps will not work out the way you planned, particularly with regards to something that you are striving very hard for. This sort of dream can also imply that you are feeling a little helpless, and as though you have let down your guard and are vulnerable.

Keep an eye out for someone pulling the rug out from under you at work, as a dream about your fingernails falling off implies that you are struggling for something, but will likely not achieve it, through no fault of your own. Keep your eyes open.

Dream about pulling something from underneath my fingernails

Pulling something out from under your fingernails in a dream shows that you are trying (or rather, you should be trying) to get something out of yourself that you have previously tried to hide, or have tried to sweep under the rug.

Depending on what you are pulling out from under your fingernails, this dream can means several different things. Is it something that you consider dirty? Do you feel disgust when you pull out whatever it is? Or do you feel a sense of triumph, as if you have found something you were looking for?

Pulling something out from under your fingernails can feel satisfying, as if you were removing a splinter. If you are removing something from under your nails in a dream, this is a sign from life that you need to take a look at what you are sweeping under the carpet which is to do with something that you are striving for.

It could be that if you sort out one issue in your life, you can achieve your dream career! This is surely a good enough reason to analyse your dreams and work out what it is – and why – you are pulling interesting things from under your fingernails.

Dream about fingernails breaking off

Fingernails breaking in your dreams may be trying to tell you that you should take a look into your physical health. It won’t hurt to just have a conscious think about your lifestyle choices, and maybe pay a quick visit to your health care provider if there is anything niggling at you.

Another meaning for watching in horror as your fingernails break off in your dreams is that you are low in self confidence at the moment. Do you feel like you have taken on a large task, and you might not be able to see it through? Seeing fingernails breaking in your dreams can highlight your (possibly deeply buried) feelings that you might not be up to the task.

Fingernails can represent feelings of self worth, so if you are dreaming about losing yours then it might be time to take up some assertiveness training! Or, at the very least, work out what is making you feel insecure or that you are not good enough, and stand up and show the world that actually you ARE good enough.

Dream about eating fingernails

It may surprise you to know that this is actually a fairly common dream. It shows that there are parts of yourself that you do not want to show the rest of the world, or that you have been (consciously or otherwise) suppressing for a while. By eating fingernails, your dream self is trying to show you that you are trying to hide your light under a bushel, and that you really need to stand up, take control of the situation, and bring that hidden part of yourself out into the light. If the world isn’t ready for it then too bad for the world; you need to be expressing yourself and putting yourself out there and showing everyone that you have what it takes!

If you are trying to bring a little more emotion and a little less rules and regulation in your life, this could also explain this dream. Your own personal feelings and beliefs may have been on the back burner for a while – this dream is a sign that they need to come to the fore.

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Dream about clipping someone’s long fingernails

Cutting fingernails in dreams show how you pay attention towards how others see you. Cutting one’s own fingernails in your slumbers will highlight to you that you are concerned with your image and how you are perceived by the world at large. Whether or not you are happy about cutting these nails will show you whether or not you feel happy fitting into other people’s boxes!

If you are dreaming of cutting someone else’s fingernails, maybe you need to look at your relationship with the person whose fingernails you are cutting. Also, pay attention to the nails you are clipping – are they long and dirty, or long and cared for? How do you feel as you are cutting these nails; are you acting in a “carer” capacity, or are you feeling coerced into performing this task?

Fingernails represent how hard you are gripping onto things that you consider important in your life, so to dream of clipping your own – or someone else’s – can illustrate how you feel about your place in the world.

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