Dream About Surgery [What Does It Mean]

Dreaming about surgery can mean that you are experiencing some big changes in your life. These may be things that you are in control of, or something that is entirely out of your hands. Either way, dreaming about surgery can bring up some pretty big feelings! If you are awaiting an upcoming surgery, then dreaming about it could simply reflect your worries and concerns about this procedure. There are a lot of different options when you are dreaming about something, so let’s have a little deeper look into what it means to dream about surgery.

Dream about watching yourself in surgery

Dream about watching yourself in surgery

Surgery is a big, life changing thing, right? So following on from that, dreaming about watching yourself in surgery can be big and scary and life changing. It doesn’t have to be too scary though! Surgery is undertaken to fix a part of your body, or to remove a part of it that doesn’t need to be there. Dreaming of surgery is generally a representation of this, rather than a premonition that you may have to go under the knife.

Dreaming about seeing yourself undergo surgery of any kind may mean that you are seeking to remove something from your life, whether that be a person, a situation, or a series of worries and anxious thoughts. Are you concerned about your own health? This can manifest itself in dreams of watching yourself having surgery.

Alternatively, if you are awaiting surgery, then dreaming about it can be a completely natural way of your subconscious telling your conscious that you are worried about it (as if your conscious self needed reminding!)

Dream about open heart surgery

Dreams about open heart surgery can mean that you are struggling with your emotional self. The heart represents the emotional bit of us; the part of us that governs feelings and loves and our emotional side. Dreaming of heart surgery can imply that you are seeking a healing for your heart – maybe you have had a tragic love affair, or had your heart broken once too often?

Dreams about heart surgery can also be quite positive; it may mean that your love life is about to experience a dramatic overhaul – in a good way.

This dream can also reflect a great change in your emotions. Maybe you have moved on from that tragic love affair onto pastures new, or you are just enjoying time to yourself to reflect? Dreams about the heart are directly connected to our feelings, so have a think about the types of heart surgery dreams you are having, and try to decide what they mean to you.

If the surgery is successful then you are thinking positively about your future relationships and the fact that you can move on from past traumas. If the surgery is unsuccessful then you may be facing worries and concerns about your love life, or your concerns of the heart.

Dream about surgery on stomach

Dreams about stomach surgery represent what you are looking for out of life. What are you looking for? What makes your soul soar? If you are feeling overwhelmed by such questions lately, this can also explain your dreams of stomach surgery – people often experience this dream when they are feeling helpless.

Around the stomach area are various different organs, and each can mean different things – for example, if you dream about having a C-section then the dream is focusing on change in your life, whereas dreaming of bowel surgery can mean that you have overcome some difficult situations.

Stomach surgery dreams can be a good way to realize that you want something more; something exciting; something MORE in your life than what you are currently experiencing.

Dream about dying during surgery

Don’t panic if you have this dream – death in our night time picture show is rarely representative of death in real life. Death in a dream can represent a cutting away of something in your life that no longer serves you, or a great change in your life where things take a dramatically different path. If you see yourself dying in a dream, don’t instantly go out and buy a coffin. It just means that you are about to undergo a change or different experience in life.

If you dream of dying during surgery, it could be that you are feeling controlled in your life, or that you are trying to keep too tight a control on the events in your life. This can cause a lot of stress in daily life, which can manifest itself in our dreams. See if you can make a little more time for yourself; try to relax and let go of the issues that you feel are controlling you, or that you are trying to keep too tight a rein on.

Dream about surgery stitches popping

Dream about surgery stitches popping

To dream of having stitches show that you are concerned about the possible breaking down of a relationship, or an aspect in your life that you feel needs to be mended. If you dream of these stitches bursting, it could be highlighting your fear that you actually have no control over this particular relationship, or that you need to relax and let go a little.

You may be desperately trying to hold together a relationship with a certain someone, and the dream of stitches popping is a sign that you no longer feel able to hold everything together. Time for a bit of a break, maybe?

It is worth taking a look at the relationships in your life, seeing if there is anything that might benefit from a little fixing, and having a good long conversation about this issue.

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Final words

Dreams about surgery are generally connected to thinking about change in your life, and how things might be improved in the future. It doesn’t mean that you are about to need life saving surgery – these dreams are more concerned with your subconscious than anything physical in your life.

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