[Explained] Dream About Roaches

No one is desperately keen on cockroaches, let’s be honest! But what does dreaming about them mean? Interestingly, dream about roaches are very common, and they are usually associated with renewal, longevity, and possibly dealing with being indecisive. Roach dreams can also mean that you have to face up to your fears and problems.

Let’s have a little more in depth look at what it means to dream about roaches.

Dream about large roaches

Dream about large roaches

Despite the fact that cockroaches are, let’s face it, a bit gross, they can actually mean positive things when you see them in a dream. It can mean that an important person will appear in your life, who will have a big influence.

Roach dreams can also be a timely reminder that you may have some health issues that you can pre empt by visiting your doctor for a check up. They can also signify financial gains, promotions, or a better financial position than you were in before. Worth shuddering a little in your dreams for it to mean this, right?

However, extra large roaches scuttling through your dreams can mean that you need to take care with a certain relationship or friendship; it could be that someone is jealous of your success and wants to bring you down.

If you are dreaming about large roaches, it is well worth putting a few worries about yourself to bed, and making sure that you don’t have any underlying health concerns that need checking out.

Also, have a look at your situation in life and your relationships. Is there anything that needs to be discussed with an important person? Do you have any gains to be made by forging deeper relationships with influential people?

Dream about roaches crawling on me

This is not a particularly pleasant dream to have, and unfortunately it is not the bringer of particularly good news either!

Dreaming of roaches crawling on you can show that you may be suffering with ill health, or that you may have an accident – the morning after this dream, if it is a one off, you should stay home and have a restful day wherever possible, and avoid putting yourself in harm’s way. Obviously this is not possible then there is nothing you can do – just maybe take a little extra care crossing the road on the way to work!

If roaches crawling all over you is a recurring dream, it might be worth going to the doctors for a check up. Who knows if dreams are life’s prophecies, but it can’t hurt to check, right? There is nothing to lose, and probably nothing will arise from your check up – just don’t tell the doctor you are there because of a dream!

Dream about killing roaches

Dream about killing roaches

Doing away with these insects in your dreams can have a two fold meaning. On the one hand, you may be struggling with making a decision, or that you are feeling powerless and don’t know how to proceed in a certain situation. You may need to summon your “get up and go” a little more, and try to take more control over your life, and develop a more positive attitude.

Seeing yourself killing roaches can also show that you can look forward to renewed energy and inspiration, and that you will soon have the creative spurt you need to move on with a particular project – or just life in general!

No one, apart from other cockroaches, really likes cockroaches, let’s be honest. None of us want to see them in our dreams. Comfort yourself with the fact that killing them in your dreams is a positive sign, and one that you can use to help move your life forwards!

Dream about roaches and rats

These two very different creatures being together in your dreams can have a variety of different meanings:

Cockroaches can symbolize an important meeting or collaboration; possibly a promotion or big new opportunity. It may also symbolize you having feelings of insecurities, or you are worried about being judged for your actions.

Rats in a dream can symbolize education and learning, as well as the fact that you may be feeling emotionally drained.

To dream of cockroaches and rats in the same dream together can mean that you are not having some of your most basic needs met, or that you are not realizing your own potential.

Cockroaches and rats can show that you are seeking spiritual harmony in your life, and that you need to protect yourself against potential painful emotional issues that may arise.

These critters popping up in your sleep may also show that you might benefit from a little more excitement in your life, and possibly reach out to others for a little help and support every now and then, to help improve your feeling of being supported.

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Dream about roaches being spit up

To dream of vomiting anything can represent your need to cleanse yourself; whether from long held, deep seated beliefs, the closeness and control of another person, or a situation in your life that is no longer serving you. To dream of vomiting cockroaches is a two fold summation of this removal of unwanted things from your life.

If you are feeling held back from expressing yourself, your views or personal opinions, or if you are starting to think about removing negativity and toxicity from your life, then this dream may surface.

It’s time to get loud! Be brutally honest with yourself and with others in your life, and make sure that you don’t leave anything uncomfortable unsaid.

Final words

Cockroaches do not make the most comfortable dream companions, it must be said. However, as we have discussed, they don’t necessarily correspond to such feeling of disgust and revolt as they inspire when we see them in our waking life!

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