[Explained] Dream About Graduation

Dreaming about a graduation can represent something that is going on in your waking life; usually something to do with having achieved something you were desperately trying to achieve. To dream about graduation may represent a new promotion, new job, or fresh opportunity that comes your way. But there are many different aspects to a dream about graduation, so how about we have a look into the different meanings?

Dream about going back to graduation

dream about going back to graduation

School is all about learning, right? So if you dream about going back to your graduation it may be that you feel there are still things that you need to learn in life (that’s pretty much all of us, all the time, throughout all of life, isn’t it!) Graduation is the pinnacle of the school experience, where you finally receive the certificate that proclaims your genius to all and sundry, and will land you a good job.

If you are dreaming of being back there, it could indicate that there are areas in your life that are not satisfactory and that you are dreaming about a high point in your education to offset any dissatisfaction you are experiencing in your everyday life.

Try to look about you and make sure you are working towards things that you actually want, and that your heart is being true to your real goals.

Dream about black graduation robe

This is a pretty positive dream, no matter whether or not you ever wore such a robe in real life, and regardless of how you felt if you did actually end up wearing one.

A black graduation gown in a dream symbolizes healthy finances and social influence. You are probably, in your waking life, about to take certain risks or moving forward with your life, so keep going!

A graduation gown in a dream can also be connected with how you feel yourself to be perceived in the world; any clothing in a  dream is connected with beauty and the appearance, so wearing such a prestigious item of clothing in a dream represents your desire to have people look at you with respect.

If you are dreaming about a black graduation robe, this is a positive sign, and one that you should take forward into positive action.

Dream about missing graduation

This anxiety-making dream can represent a feeling in your life that you are holding yourself back from the next stage in your life. Were you distracted in your dream? Have a look at what it was that distracted you. If you were getting drunk in the student bar then it may time to examine your lifestyle choices!

If it was a particular person that distracted you and made you miss your graduation, take a look at your relationship with that person, and decide if they are holding you back in some way.

If you missed your graduation in your dream because you forgot about it, your subconscious might be telling you that you don’t feel ready for the next stage of your life. Are you holding yourself back by missing or ignoring opportunities? Or is something or someone in your life holding you back?

Dreaming about missing your graduation outright, for no specific reason, can show that you are repressing feelings of revenge in your waking life. This may be revenge against someone else, or even against yourself – this ties in with the idea that you are sneakily holding yourself back, possibly because of fear of failure.

Embrace all the opportunities that come your way. After all, if you don’t try something then you’ll never know if you can achieve it!

Dreaming about climbing up spiral stairs with friends before graduation

Spiral stairs in a dream are a very positive symbol. They are associated with spiritual development, and of your progress in life – climbing UP them is a sign that you are moving along nicely in your journey of life.

The fact that you are with friends in this dream is also a good sign; it shows that you care about the relationships you have with people. However, to dream of friends can also be a sign that you need to relate better to the people in your life. If they are old friends with whom you graduated, you may find yourself questioning your identity and where you are really going in life.

Have a think about the friends you see in this dream – are they happy? Sad? Sick? There are a lot more detailed interpretations that can be made about seeing your friends in a dream, so try to keep the dream in your head long enough that you can work out what their appearance means.

Dreaming about your graduation can mean that big changes are afoot, but when coupled with the spiral staircase and the friends with which you are surrounded, these changes can only be positive.

Dream about finding graduation ceremony

Dream about finding graduation ceremony

If you are dreaming about finding a graduation ceremony, whether or not you have actually experienced one yourself, this can show you your idealized version of yourself. You want to be successful and respected, right? Well, maybe it’s time to look for ways you can achieve this in your waking life.

You may also be dreaming about a graduation ceremony because it represents a time when things were simpler – no job, no mortgage, no kids – just a whole life full of opportunities stretching out before you. Maybe it’s time to simplify your life?

You may, if you dream of finding a graduation ceremony, be frustrated about the lack of ability to convince others of your point of view, or get your voice heard enough. It might be worth looking into assertiveness training, to remove any frustrations of this kind.

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Final words

Dreams about graduation are connected with how you see your life, and how you perceive yourself going forward, there’s no doubt about that. However, there are many other intricate meanings that can be interpreted from different types of graduation dreams.

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