[Explained] Dream About Going Blind

Eyes are a very important part of our life, and so dreaming about losing the sight in one or both eyes can be very disturbing. But, as we know, dreams are often not a prophetic thing, so to dream about going blind does not mean that you are going to lose your sight! These dreams are often connected with rejecting something about your life, or a situation that you want to escape. Read on, to discover some of the more fascinating reasons behind the dream about going blind.

Dream about going blind

Dream about going blind in one eye

You may be rejecting something in your life that may benefit you, if you dream about going blind. Make sure you keep an eye open (sorry for the bad pun!) for opportunities, hard to spot chances, and new experiences. If you dream about going blind, it is extra important to make sure that you are not letting anything pass you by.

You may also be trying to escape something – a situation or a confrontation – and that is why you dream of going blind. Connected to this theory, it could be that you are trying to avoid looking at something in your life that displeases you.

It is always worth sitting down and having a good look at things in your life that might need a little more attention, and if you are having dreams about going blind then there is just about no better time to do this.

Are you scared of a new opportunity coming your way? Is something going on in your life that you would rather not look at? If so, this could explain your dreaming of going blind.

Dream about going blind in one eye

This type of blindness dream is generally reckoned to represent you giving up a religion, or another deeply held belief that has previously brought comfort and meaning to your life. Alternatively, you may be thinking of performing some kind of sin, or frowned upon act, that is manifesting in your subconscious.

To feel helpless and sightless in a dream is a common theme when moving on from a long held belief; it can make you feel like this during awake times as well as asleep times! Just keep being aware of the reasons in your daily life that are causing these dreams in your sleeping life, and take comfort in the fact that this is a common thing.

If you are dithering about doing something that you are not sure is completely right, or if you are moving away from a belief that you thought was ingrained in you, then this is why this particular dream is popping up.

It can be distressing to dream of going blind, but it really represents something other than losing your physical sight. Take comfort from that!

Dream about slowly going blind

You may have concerns in your life – either health, career or family related – that can cause this type of dream. Not being able to see can be a protection; imagine a child covering their eyes when they have done something wrong, or the fact that many of close our eyes during a scary part of a film.

To dream of slowly going blind represents a fear of looking at a situation, or going through something that can be anxiety causing. Especially if you have health concerns that you aren’t voicing, this can manifest itself in your dreams with unfailing surety.

The best thing you can do is to look at areas of your life that could do with improvement, and take positive steps to action these changes. Dreaming about going slowly going blind does not mean that you have to instantly run off to the optician’s, but you should fairly urgently look at areas of your life that need attention.

Maybe address that health concern by visiting the doctor’s? Or work on relationships that you feel may have fallen by the wayside that you would rather not look at? If there is a fear that you have but never talk about, remember the therapy that simply talking about things with a sympathetic friend can bring.

Dream about driving with my daughter in a car and going blind

Dreaming about cars in your dreams represents your journey through life. If you are driving and going blind in your dream, it could be that you are overlooking certain aspects of your life, or missing opportunities along the road.

When dreaming of driving with your daughter and going blind, it would be worth looking at the relationship you have with your daughter (or, if you don’t have one, then someone who you consider to fill this relationship in your life) and trying to work out if there is something that you both need to see more clearly in everyday life.

Dream about a family member going blind

This type of dream could represent your feelings of superiority over the person whom you see going blind. Conversely, it could also mean that you are worried about your relationship with the person who is blind in your dream – dreaming of a blind spouse can represent worries about being rejected or unloved, or of having the relationship end.

If you dream about a parent or a child going blind, it could be connected to your perception of how they view you – do they really SEE you as a person?

Have a good think about the types of relationship you have with the people in your life. Are there any issues that need talking about that you have been putting off? Are you concerned about how they perceive you as a person? If you are having dreams about a family member going blind, now is a good time to have a conversation about this!

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Final words

Dreaming about going blind can be startling and scary. But, like most dreams, they don’t have to be a prophetic sign that you are about to lose your sight. Rather, they are about looking deeply into issues that you may have, even – and especially – the ones that you REALLY don’t want to look at.

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