[Explained] Dream About Getting A Tattoo

It is not unusual to dream about getting a tattoo because they are everywhere and anyone looking to get tattooed can do so with no restriction whatsoever. Some people fancy getting a tattoo but can’t stand the pain of the needle. In this case, the subconscious may absorb your desire and burry it underneath only to surface in a dream about getting a tattoo.

If you are about to get a permanent change in life or are headed out for an adventure you may find yourself dreaming about getting a tattoo. This could also happen if you are looking for a creative space to express yourself or branch out.

There are lots of reasons why you may dream about getting a tattoo even if in your wake life you haven’t attempted to get any.

What does it mean to dream about getting a tattoo?

What does it mean when you dream about getting a tattoo and piercing

Most tattoos have a lasting impression on you because of how they are done. The desire for permanence in your life or your proximity to making a decision that will have a lifetime impact on your life could be the underlying reason as to why you are having such dreams. If you feel stuck or think that some things in your life are forever, a dream about a tattoo could be expressing exactly that.

Experts also hold that tattoos represent a desire or individuality to stand out more. You could be having a desire to be unique or do something a little different than you are doing currently. This desire or inner longing for more could manifest in a dream about tattoos.

Generally, tattoos flourish at the crossroads of art and bodies. They capture the essence of imagination on one hand and the physical on the other. Think about the colours, the shapes, and the symbols used in tattooing. They not only represent memories but also capture and reveal certain aspects of human relationships that are often unspoken. These could be past or present relationships.

If you dream about getting a tattoo, take time to think about the type of tattoo that you were having.  For instance, if the tattoo is for someone you loved but is no more, it could mean that your thoughts are wound around some loss in your life whether that loss if for a real person, a career, or a social contact.

You could be having an image in your head that for some reason you cannot express it in words. If you dream about getting a tattoo of that image, it simply means that your thoughts and emotions are coming out alive. Both art and dreams trade in imaginations and symbols.

Such dreams could also be an invitation for you to reflect on both the past and present concerning your social circle and relationships.

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What does it mean when you dream about getting a tattoo and piercing?

People of all ages have embraced the idea of piercing in tattooing. The areas often pierced are the nose, nipples, eyebrow, tongue, cheek, and many other areas. These piercings are not just markers, they are indicative of certain qualities such as defiance, independence, belonging, self-mutilation and so forth.

If you dream of getting pierced in the tongue, it could mean that you made a remark that you strongly feel dissatisfied about. As a result, you feel that you should take it back and this desire haunts you incessantly even in a dream. It could also reveal a temptation in your wake life to lie and embellish to help you project a better image of yourself.

What about if you dream that your lip is being pierced? Well, based on dream experts, such piercing could mean that if you act at the behest of your heart, you may end up achieving the best outcome you’ve ever had.

Dreams, where you are having your nose being pierced, is a sign that deep within you, there is an almost permanent desire to gain universal fame. Such desires are often hidden in our inner selves and tend to spring up in dreams.

What does it mean to dream about getting a dolphin tattoo?

A dolphin tattoo means a lot of things to a lot of people. For instance, it could mean a high sense of self-esteem. It could also mean victory over fear after such a long wait. If you have been having complexes and insecurity, a dream of you getting a dolphin tattoo could mean that you’ve finally overcome such fears.

Generally, dolphins are beautiful creatures and their tattoo often symbolize their character. For instance, dolphins are playful and dolphin tattoos could mean that you are in a cheerful mood or you are being invited to cheerfulness in your life.

If you are about to get into a relationship, dreaming of getting a dolphin tattoo could mean that you are inching closer to love and romance. It is a symbol of love.

Bottom line

Dreaming about getting a tattoo is amazing. Even if you’ve not had a tattoo in your waking life, the mere thought that you have such a dream could mean that your emotions are leading you up to something.

It could be a decision you are about to make that has an element of permeance in tit such as relocating to a new home or town, getting married and such like things. You could also be having emotions buried inside of you that resurface in the form of dreams about tattoos. Mostly these are unspoken emotions.

What you need to do whenever you have such dreams is to think about them carefully. Try to figure out the nature of the tattoo, where on your body it was being placed and right in there, the meaning could be hidden.

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