[Explained] Dream About Teeth Falling Out

It is not uncommon to dream about your teeth falling out. While anything concerning teeth has to do with oral care, you can be sure that this has nothing to do with that. If it has ever occurred to you that you’ve dreamt about teeth falling out and you are wondering what exactly it all means, here are some possibilities to ponder on.

What does it mean when you dream about your teeth falling out?

hat does it mean when you dream about your teeth falling out

Before we dive into that, it helps to know that such a dream has both positive and negative possibilities. So, with an open mind, let us dig in.

Signifies personal growth

All of us were born without teeth. However, along the way teeth grew, starting from baby teeth between the age of 6 and 12 months and later adult teeth.  This natural progression could be captured in a dream leaving you asking, why did I dream about my teeth falling out?

The growth could be in any aspect of your life such as career progression, spiritual growth, emotional growth and development or even financial growth. Any circumstance that has a growth component to it could be represented by such a dream.

A strong desire to go back to an easier time

Life is full of ups and downs and at times we long for moments past when things were smooth and organised. Such a desire to go back to an easy moment can be internalized in your thoughts and buried in the subconscious.

In such circumstances, having a dream about your teeth falling out could be an indicator that your inner desire is manifesting and leading you back to your easy life or circumstance. On the other hand, it could be a sign that your inner self is readying for growth.

Whichever way you look at it, having a dream where your teeth fall out, spotlights an important stage in your life. If you play your cards well, everything could work in your favor.

Self-discovery and growth

As you grow, there are certain aspects that you discover about yourself along the way. The radical changes that come with growth expose some of these previously hidden or unexploited capabilities.

Losing teeth in a dream could be a manifestation of self-discovery because of growth. Aspects about you that were underdeveloped or neglected may be getting an opportunity to grow and this could be represented by the falling of teeth.

Self-renewal and empowerment

Just like the eagle going through the molting process where it gradually loses and replaces its feathers, humans too need a renewal of one way or the other. The renewal could be a change of career, job, location or even friends.

Teeth are powerful and having them fall off could be a preparation for a jump-off to another level of empowerment. You need to be keen and observant of the things happening around you to put this dream into context.

For instance, dreaming of your teeth falling out could be heralding a new era of social influence where you take charge and control of others or the environment. In the case of a personal relationship or business context, such a dream could symbolize a rise in your confidence level.


Starting something new is never easy. It entails breaking barriers and moving away from your comfort zone. Sometimes, this comes with a lot of tension and pain like what you would ordinarily feel when your teeth crack and fall out.

Therefore, having such a dream could mean you need to brace yourself for something new, like venturing into new horizons in terms of career or moving to a new town or home. It is an opportunity to start afresh just like you did when you were born.

Negative signaling

Aside from the positives, there could also be negatives to such a dream. Something unpleasant and potentially dangerous coming your way. Without scaring you too much, here are the negatives that you may want to consider.

What does it mean when you dream about rotting teeth falling out?

Dreams about rotten teeth signal something important to you which could be in the process of saying goodbye for good. It could be someone, something, or a quality such as a career. Dreams of rotten teeth falling out may represent fear or loss. Having said that, the good thing about it is that it is a normal cycle of life which you just need to embrace.

A dream about ‘your teeth decaying and gums falling out’ can have a very similar meaning.

Need to focus on self

Another dimension of rotting teeth falling out could be a representation of self. For instance, if you are not focused or are living an unhealthy life this dream could reflect that. As you think through your life, try to focus on your well-being and how you can better yourself.  If you have been committing too much or spreading yourself too thin, you need to stop and concentrate on yourself.

If you are trying to be in control and finding possible ways to move forward or stressed by the constant nudging of friends, this roller coaster of feelings could lead you into dreaming about your teeth falling.

Trouble sharing your thoughts

Teeth are a powerful symbol of communication. Whenever you dream about your teeth, chances are that it could be something to do with your relationships.  It may be that you are having issues trying to express yourself or sort of afraid to speak your mind.

Experts also suggest that such dreams could mean that you are “chewing on a problem” and having a bit of hardship understanding it. Whatever the circumstance, you need to face what’s bugging you fair and square. This will give you better sleep and peaceful nights.

Bottom line

Dreams about teeth falling out should never be taken lightly. It could be your subconscious trying to communicate something important to you or even a warning. To begin tackling such dreams and digging deep into them, keep a journal and always write your dreams into it. Take time to connect the dots between your real life and the dreams you’ve had.

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