[Explained] Dream About Eyebrows

Eyebrows, in our waking life, express our emotional state, and can highlight our reactions to certain events. Eyebrows can show surprise, joy, disbelief, shock, and a whole range of other emotions. Also, think about it – eyebrows are related to our self confidence, and how well groomed we look when we go out – eyebrows are big business!

So if you are dreaming about them in your sleeping times, it’s best to have a little closer looks into all the different meanings this can have.

Dream about shedding my eyebrows

Dream about shedding my eyebrows

If you are watching in horror as your dream self loses their eyebrows, this can be related to your self esteem and self confidence in real life. Eyebrows are similar to hair on our heads; we often don’t notice it, unless there is a sudden, shocking absence of it. To dream of your eyebrows shedding can represent a feeling of a loss of dignity and self respect.

Also, because eyebrows are a great way of expressing non verbal communication, losing your eyebrows in a dream can show that you may be struggling with ways to express yourself.

Eyebrows dropping off in your dreams can also represent worries about your health, however trivial. You could use this dream as an excuse to head to the doctor for a once over, just to check that everything is as it should be.

Why not have a good hard look at your life, your emotions and your feelings of self worth, and see if there is anything that can be tweaked or improved, to gain confidence in yourself and your life choices?

Dream about big eyebrows

Big eyebrows represent strength and protection. Depending on who in your dreams has these thick eyebrows, it can either suggest that you have great wells of strength to deal with a personal or professional situation, or that you have another person close to you who is able to protect you and offer you some strength.

Thick eyebrows on yourself in your dream world suggests that you are filled with energy and vitality, and are well prepared to face any of the challenges that life throws at you.

If you see thick eyebrows on someone else in your dreams then rejoice, because this means you have a good network of strong, helpful friends who have got your back no matter what happens.

Dream about shaving eyebrows

Are you in a situation where you feel you have to put aside your dignity and self respect, or even some of your long held beliefs and ideas? If this is the case, you may well dream of shaving off your own eyebrows.

Eyebrows in dreams represent our sense of feeling respected by others, as well as respecting ourselves, so if your need for others’ respect is too strong, then maybe it’s time to let go a little. I’m not saying you should shave your eyebrows off in real life, don’t panic! But maybe take a look at why you are so desperately in need of the respect of others, and cut loose a little.

If your dreams feature you shaving off someone else’s eyebrows – whether they are a willing participant or not – this can symbolize a friend or a relative who may be having some tough times, that you can possibly help with. This dream can also represent your ability to hide your true feelings from others; whether this is a negative emotion or a positive one.

If you dream of shaving off any eyebrows, your own or someone else’s, it may be time to have a look into your feelings and emotions. Do you feel like you hold too much back? Are you worried about losing the respect of a certain person?

Have a little deeper look into these feelings, and you can work out the best course of action for you going forwards.

Dream about someone saying you have bushy eyebrows

Bushy eyebrows are, in many cultures, considered to be highly attractive (Frida Kahlo, anyone?) However in some other cultures, where the brows are expected to be pencil thin, this can be seen as a less attractive trait.

How you feel about someone saying you have bushy eyebrows in a dream will likely be based on what particular culture you come from, and if bushy eyebrows are considered to be more or less attractive.

If you dream of yourself with thick and bushy eyebrows, this can be an indicator of a secure, financially stable time in your life.

If you dream of someone saying that you have bushy eyebrows, it may be that this person is wishing you well and championing you on your journey through life. Whatever your thoughts and feelings on thick or thin eyebrows, this is definitely a positive dream!

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Dream about infected eyebrow

To dream of infection suggests that you have negative ideas, or perhaps are being influenced by someone around you, who has negative ideas. Infection tends to spread through the body quickly, if unchecked by antibiotics or another way of halting it in its tracks, so to dream of this condition means that you are experiencing something that may be out of your control, and is affecting many different areas of your life. An eyebrow can become infected mainly from a piercing; this is not an area of the body that is generally susceptible to infection.

If you dream of an infected eyebrow but you don’t have an eyebrow piercing in real life, this is probably related to your feelings of self respect, self worth, and general happiness with yourself and your current life situation.

The subconscious is a mysterious part of ourselves, that even the top scientists cannot pretend to understand. If your own subconscious has you dreaming about an infected eyebrow, have a look at some of the meanings behind dreaming about eyebrows (self confidence, self worth and self respect).

If one of your eyebrows is infected in your dreams, you need to have a look into your negative feelings surrounding these things, and try to adjust your thinking accordingly.

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