[Explained] Dream About Elevators

Dreaming about elevators means that you are aware of what is going on around you, and that are you are able to grab opportunities as they arrive. The different things that elevators mean in dreams can be further analysed – for example, if the elevator is going up in your dreams then this is a more positive portent than if it is going down. Are you happy inside the elevator? Is it going up, down, or side to side? Each of these things have different meanings, so let’s have a further look into dream about elevators.

Dream about scary elevators

Dream about scary elevators

Dreaming about being scared in an elevator can represent your aspirations for status and financial security. If you are scared inside an elevator in your dreams, it may be because, in your waking life, you are feeling caught off guard, or as though things are going too fast for you.

If you are scared because the elevator is falling and out of control, it may show that there are parts of your personality that you are unhappy about showing to the rest of the world. You may feel that you have to watch what you say around people, and as though you can’t show your true self to everyone else.

If you are scared in your dream because the elevator is stuck, this is a giant red flag that you are actually stuck, bored and dissatisfied with your life in general.  It’s time for an overhaul!

Being scared or apprehensive in an elevator in real life is a completely normal and understandable thing. They are small, enclosed spaces which can incur feelings of claustrophobia and powerlessness in even the most robust individual.

Elevators in dreams can represent our journey through life, so if you are scared in your elevator dreams then it is worth having a look at your feelings surrounding your life and self worth.

Dream about two old metal elevators

Dreaming about an elevator represents your feelings about life, where you are going and how you are going about it. If you dream of two elevators, it could be a sign that you are facing a choice in your life; a crossroads, and a choice that you have to make about which path you have to take in order to further your life.

If you are dreaming about yourself in one elevator and someone else in another, this could show you and someone you know on your individual journey.

Have a look at the relationship you have with this other person – are you happy that they are off on their journey? Do you feel resentful? Are you scared of losing the relationship? These are all things that it is worth looking at in order to interpret the dreams you are having.

Dream about furnaces with elevators

Dreams about elevators, as we have discussed already, represent your journey through life, and how you feel about where you are going and how you are achieving your goals. Dreams about furnaces can represent change, purification, and a welcoming of new things into your life.

As always, it is important to look at how you feel about your dream. Are you happy about the furnace and the elevator trip? Is the elevator delivering you directly to the furnace?

If this is the case then it may symbolize that you are being taken into a new phase of your life by the choices you make, and that these new phases could be intense. But don’t fret. Fire is cleansing and purifying, and in a dream it signifies new beginnings, and a burning off of all the old, dead things that you no  longer need.

Dream about fast elevators

A fast elevator can show that you are feeling slightly out of control in your life. You need to first work out which way the elevator is going – is it heading up, or going down?

  • Going up in an elevator can signify that you are rising above something in your life that has been bringing you down, or coming out of a seriously down time in your life. You may also be furthering your life in a mental, physical or spiritual way.
  • Going down in an elevator can show that you are feeling powerless, trapped, or starting out to confront something new and scary.

Depending on where you see the elevator in your dream, it can represent different things in your life – for example, if you are seeing your speedy elevator at work, this symbolizes your professional journey.

If you see it in your own home, this shows your journey through your own feelings, emotions and ambitions. If you see it in a library or a church, this can show that you are dealing with your feelings around knowledge or spirituality.

If you dream of a fast elevator, have a look through your life and work out if you are feeling out of control in any areas of it, and if you need to do any slowing down and taking stock.

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Dream about hotels and elevators

Hotels in your dreams symbolize a transition period in your life. You are not at home; you are not really living anywhere – you are between homes, and therefore in between comfort zones.

A hotel is a temporary place, and often we do not feel truly relaxed there (long, hot bubble baths and room service notwithstanding!) Dreaming of hotels indicates that you are not feeling all that secure in your waking life.

If you are riding in an elevator in an hotel in your dreams, this shows that you are in a transitory period in your life, and that you have the opportunity to grab any opportunity that comes your way.

Is the elevator going up, or down? Are you happy riding in it, or scared? Are there other people in it with you? All these things will change the dream meaning, but the underlying message is the same – you are feeling in limbo in your life, and you are looking for a way out and a fresh opportunity. Grab it with both hands!

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