[Explained] Dream About Cleaning

Is there anything in your life that you see as an obstacle? Something you want to get rid of, perhaps? This can be reflected in your dream about cleaning. Depending on if you are alone or with company in your dream, you may be able to interpret the meaning behind the dream and work out how to go forward in your life from now on.

There are a lot of different meanings to a dream about cleaning; have a further read and we’ll delve into the different reasons together.

Dream about cleaning house

Dream about cleaning house

If you are cleaning your own house in your dream, it can signify wanting to change things up a bit. Cleaning in your dreams is much the same as cleaning in real life – you are removing the accumulated dirt and grime, and making things fresh and comfortable. Is there some area of your life that you wish to do this in?

Dreaming of cleaning your house represents the desire to “clean up” your life, getting rid of old baggage, and maybe removing obstacles that may stand in your way. The house, in a dream, represents parts of your life – whether it is a bedroom, an attic, a bathroom – all the different rooms stand for different parts of your psyche. If you are cleaning the whole house from top to bottom in your dreams then maybe it is your entire life than needs an overhaul!

Have a think about what house it is you are cleaning in your dreams. Most of us have lived in more than one during our lives; and each can represent different things in our dreams.

To dream of cleaning your childhood house may mean that you need to deal with old issues; to dream of cleaning your current house means that something in your current life could do with the flick of a metaphorical duster.

Dream about cleaning fireplace in attic

Seeing an attic in your dreams represents hidden or repressed memories, or some aspect of your life that you don’t particularly want to deal with. Dreaming of fireplaces are a way of showing that your subconscious is thinking about family, warmth, tradition, and comfort.

A dream about cleaning a fireplace in an attic can mean that you are subconsciously trying to recreate the warmth and comfort of your younger days, or that you might have leftover issues that need to be dealt with. The attic represents the mind, so have a good look through yours to see what it is that you might like to clean up.

Dream about cleaning up after a wedding

Dreams about a wedding can symbolize a new beginning, in the same way that weddings themselves do. It may not mean you are about to get hitched (unless you are, in which case this dream is more easily explainable!) but you may wish to look into your feelings about commitment.

Alternative interpretations of a wedding dream can show negative aspects of your life – are you feeling bitter, perhaps because of the behavior of a previous partner? Are you constantly disappointed in love? Analyse how you feel about the wedding in the dream.

If you are unhappy about it, then it could show that you are unhappy about what is currently going on it your life; whereas if you are happy about the occasion then you are probably ready and willing to embrace new changes.

Cleaning dreams, as we have discussed, are about removing negativity, toxicity and unwanted things in your life. To dream of cleaning up after a wedding may be a sign that you are ready to move on from previous commitment issues and move on into the next stage of your love life.

Dream about cleaning your room

Your own room is your personal space, right? It is somewhere that you sleep, get ready to go out, and keep all your favorite possessions. So, to dream of your room is a representation of your personal self.

If you are cleaning your own room in your dreams, it is a sign that you should probably have a bit of an overhaul of your life, in the most personal ways that will benefit you the most. For example, do you have unhealthy lifestyle choices? Do you burn the candle at both ends, or never give yourself time to unwind?

Do you feel that you allow yourself to be controlled by others? If any of these is true and you are having dreams about cleaning your room, it is time to action some positive changes that will improve your life in the long run.

Dream about cleaning toilet / bathroom

If you are frenziedly scrubbing a toilet in your dreams, it may mean that you are looking to cleanse negativity from your life. A dirty toilet represents something toxic in your life, and it is a good sign to see yourself cleaning it in your dreams – this means you will be able to find the strength and courage to scrub away anything toxic that may be holding your life back.

Dreaming about cleaning your bathroom is related to feelings of privacy, and also of vulnerability – what we do in the bathroom is a totally private thing (unless you have a cat or a curious toddler, of course!) A bathroom in a dream can also be a symbol of cleanliness, rejuvenation and purity.

If you are cleaning an incredibly dirty bathroom, then you may wish to explore the feelings of privacy and peace that you are allowed to experience in daily life. If the bathroom you are cleaning is already spotless, your subconscious may be begging for you to clear out negative thoughts and feelings.

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Final words

Cleaning dreams represent the need that you may be feeling to detox your spiritual and subconscious life from things that may be holding you back, or causing unwanted negativity and toxicity in your life. Cleaning in your dreams is a sign that you need to clear out some unwanted, unneeded things from your waking life.

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