[Explained] Dream About Swimming

Water in dreams symbolizes emotion. If you have a dream where you are swimming in the water, you can interpret it by considering your experience in the dream. Are you happy? Is the water calm or rough? The water in your dreams can represent your emotional state, and working out the nuances of this dream can help you in your waking life.

Dream about swimming in the ocean

Dream about swimming in the ocean

Dreams about swimming in water are connected to your emotional state, and what is going on in your life at a given time.

The act of swimming is symbolized as you trying to overcome your problems, and the type of water in which you are swimming reflects what is going on in your life and your mind at the time of the dream. There are a lot of variables with this type of dream, so let’s just have a look at a few of them:

  • If you are drifting calmly, this shows that you need your current situation to be more fluid and you should try to go with the flow a bit more.
  • Dreaming of swimming strokes (ie breast stroke, crawl, backstroke) represents positive times coming your way.
  • If your swimming dream is negative, such as you are struggling to keep afloat or you are swimming against the current, it may be a sign that you are worrying about the future and you need to take a closer look at your life to figure out what you need to do.

Swimming in the sea in your dreams indicates a wish to break free, and go cruising through the currents. It may be that you are preoccupied with past mistakes and need to let go, or work on forgiving yourself for what you may see as a misdemeanor.

Dream about swimming in a river with someone

Dreaming about swimming in a river, rather than the sea or a pool, is indicative of a shift towards better things in your life. This may not mean that you are about to win the lottery, but it could mean that you can unfold some deeper areas of your life which will help you become more contended and successful in the future.

River swimming in your dreams can also indicate that you have some suppressed emotions, and that you could do with making a new start in some areas of your life.

Have a look at the current in the river – was it fast (indicating that you are being swept along into this new life)? Or was it slow and sluggish (indicating that there may be areas of your life that could do with a bit of added energy)?

If there is someone else in your dream time river, the interpretation of this will be based on your relationship with this person.

Generally, dreaming of someone else swimming in your river shows that there may be some issues with this relationship – whether they are apparent in your life now or whether they may arise in the future.

Explore your relationship with the person who shared your slumbering swim, and work out if there are any little niggles that could be ironed out.

Dream about swimming in a swimming pool

The water in a swimming pool is generally crystal clear, right? So, to dream about swimming in a swimming pool shows that things that you may be concerned about will become clearer. Swimming pools in dreams can also be related to your love life; what better news can you have than that things will begin to look clearer in this area?

Swimming in a pool can also show that you will have a fresh outlook on life, and can also show the state of your emotions. Because a swimming pool is an artificial environment, it may become clear that you are expressing emotions that are not necessarily what you truly feel, but that others may misconstrue your feelings, or imagine that they know what is going on with you but actually don’t.

Dream about swimming in a dirty pool with rats

As we have discussed, water represents your emotions, and the clarity of a swimming pool can show that things will become clearer. However, if the pool you are swimming in is dirty, this shows that you are holding onto some negative thoughts or emotions that do not serve to improve your life. It may be time to have a good look through your emotional baggage, and decide what needs to be unpacked.

Dreaming of rats is not necessarily as negative a thing as seeing them in the waking world tends to be. Rats in dreams can show that you are worried about being stabbed in the back, or that you have hidden feelings of jealousy or resentment – or they can symbolize new beginnings, changes, and the shedding of your emotional baggage.

If you are swimming in a dirty pool with rats in your dreams, it may be time to analyse your emotions, have a close look at your personal relationships, and work on getting past previous traumas and resentments, in order to improve your waking life in the future.

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Dreaming about swimming naked with fish

Being naked can make us feel vulnerable, on show, and afraid. Dreams about being naked are very common, and can denote a huge array of different things – from fear of exposure, fear of ridicule, or worrying about exposing yourself more than you wanted to.

This being said, dreams about swimming naked are actually a positive sign. It denotes strong self confidence (even if you don’t feel this in your waking life!) and the fact that you command respect and enjoy popularity.

Fish swimming around in your dreams is also a positive sign. They generally symbolize a wealth of good things coming your way – wealth and power, good relationships, and happy luck in general.

To be swimming naked with fish in your dream – assuming there aren’t any other factors, such as murky water or difficult objects – denotes a positive time for you is coming.

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