When A Sagittarius Man Is Done With You?

Bright, adventure-driven and bluntly straightforward, a Sagittarius man is fearless when it comes to expressing himself.

Represented by the archer, this fire sign is dynamic and isn’t the easiest to deal with. 

He is easily overwhelmed by his insecurities and need for excitement. This may lead to a premature termination of a relationship.

You may want to pay closer attention to these signs to be sure he isn’t beginning to feel unhappy and unexcited in the relationship.

7 Signs That Sagittarius Man Is Done With You

7 Signs That Sagittarius Man Is Done With You

 He doesn’t go on adventure with you

A Sagittarius man lives for adventure. He is not fond of being in the same place doing the same thing, day-in day-out.

He hungers for new destinations, new experiences and learning different cultures. If he is in love, he will want you to journey with him.

If his trips become more frequent and there’s always an excuse to leave you behind, he is growing tired of you.

He becomes aggressive

Once his mind is filled with thoughts of ending your relationship, a Sagittarius man will become increasingly restless.

He will want to move on as fast as possible and may become aggressive. He will blow small arguments out of proportion to offend you.

Talks with his friends about you are littered with insults. It’s not surprising that he will also be overly critical of you. 

In some cases, he will go to an extent of using your secrets against you to push you away.

He is detached

A Sagittarius man in love is passionate and seeks deeper connection. 

Though he is naturally aloof, if he cares about you he will prioritize you and all activities you set to do together. 

It is not uncommon for him to amplify his charm to impress you. He will want to showcase the best version of himself to you. 

If he is suddenly, distant and no longer taking care of you, it is likely that he has moved on.

He will ghost you

For a sign that is typically curious, a Sagittarius man will obviously want to know everything about you if they love you. 

He will have endless questions for you. He will actively try to engage with you at a physical and emotional level.

A significant change in his enthusiasm for you might be an outright sign that he is done with you. It might be as little as no longer asking how your day was, to completely acting as if you don’t exist.

He will be nasty if you try to reconcile

A Sagittarius man doesn’t appreciate being chased. There are many other approaches to try and win him back if you act on time.

If he acts indifferent to your reconciliation efforts, that ship has unfortunately sailed.

He will make superficial to no efforts to patch things up, while he is just waiting for the opportunity to end it altogether. 

He looks bored around you

Witty with a quirky sense of humour, this fire sign is sure to entertain you when he gets comfortable with you.

He will share light-hearted moments with you even at his lowest if he genuinely cares about you.

His thirst for stimulation will certainly create basis for thrilling discussions. With him there is never a dull moment.

When a Sagittarius man decides that he is done with you, he may choose to no longer pay attention to you. He looks bored around you and may purposely stop acknowledging your presence.

He will manipulate you

This man is resourceful and isn’t afraid to pursue his desires. This means he may leverage what he knows about you to influence your actions.

If he is likely thinking of breaking up with you, your feelings won’t deter him from accomplishing what he wants.

He will scale the lengths of public humiliation or undermine your experience to have his way.

Don’t be surprised if he uses your relationship as a stepping stone into another.

How To Make A Sagittarius Stay

How To Make A Sagittarius Stay
  • Commitment is a big deal for Sagittarius man. He doesn’t like feeling trapped and would appreciate space and time. 
  • He craves constant stimulation and growth. To keep the relationship alive, feed his desire to solve challenges
  • Being highly driven by adventure, he enjoys spontaneity. Be flexible and agreeable to their thrill seeking nature, and avoid being predictable. 
  • Independence is essential to the Sagittarius man. He will distance himself from you if you try to control him.
  • He is a seeker of truth. He demands honesty at all times.

Bottom line

Commitment is hard for any human. It’s especially tasking for the Sagittarius man who leads a fast-paced and fiercely free lifestyle.

Think of him as the passionately curious lover with an insatiable thirst for stimulation. He will count on you for excitement and will be quick to move on if you don’t satisfy his hunger.

Though he is straightforward, when a Sagittarius man is done with you his behavior towards you may change drastically well before he calls it quit. 

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