Wine Symbolism: What Does Wine Symbolize

Wine as a symbol, similar to wine as a physical thing, often denotes happy times; friendships and open, honest communication. Wine can, in some cultures, represent sustenance, prosperity, and the beginnings of new life (this is not too far from what can happen after a glass or three too many in most cultures!)

Wine is important in many different types of religions, whether as a symbol for an all powerful god, or as a way of communicating with deities.

Different types of wine can represent different things; white wine is often associated with purity, while red wine is a more earthy, and often more sexual symbol.

What does wine symbolize?

What does wine symbolize

When grapes are fermented, they change their form from the innocent little fruits they are in day to day life, to a fermented product that can loosen tongues and enable friendships. Because of this, wine can be seen as a symbol for transformation and change.

Wine making is a complicated procedure, that sees the total transformation of the fruit into something utterly unlike its natural form; it is a little like the life of a human. We start as insignificant little tadpoles, then grow and blossom in our lives and end up being great doctors or philosophers- or at least, having a positive effect on the world around us.

In wine, as in people, the transforming from raw materials into greatness takes time and finesse. Wine is a great metaphor for the life of a human.

Wine can also denote a loss of control, if one imbibes too much or becomes lost in an addiction – for this reason it is important to note what sort of situation the symbolized wine is in. Becoming dependent on any substance to get you through the day is a sign of a sadness, a weakness, or just some difficult life circumstances, so wine as a symbol has to be looked at carefully.

Depending on its color, wine can symbolize different things – red wine is considered to be a more physical, earthy symbol, while white wine can denote a purity of body and spirit, and rose is, predictably, a mix of the two. Different wines are used in different situations, and served with different foods; thus it is fitting that the different colors have different meanings.

What does wine symbolize in the Bible

Wine is very much a part of Christian culture. When accepting the holy sacrament, people take a sip of wine which is said to be the blood of Christ. To imbibe something that is literally considered to be the blood of one’s chosen god is a pretty hefty symbol!

Along with the “blood of Christ” symbolism is the story of Christ turning water into wine at a wedding; he was apparently divine enough to be able to get a whole company of wedding guests nicely oiled for the festivities to come. Neat trick!

Because of this connection with a spiritual leader, wine in the bible symbolizes purity, holiness and a true connection to the divine.

Wine and blood are very much connected in Christianity; the blood of Christ is transformed into wine for his followers, indicating that they can enjoy a feeling of joy, relaxation and acceptance in the spirit realms, even as they partake of his metaphysical “blood”.

What does wine symbolize in literature

Wine, in literature, often denotes friendship, happiness, and the joys of life. When characters in books drink wine, look out for new friendships being made, secrets unveiled – and even fights breaking out as the alcohol loosens tongues and breaks down inhibitions!

However, if wine drinking is overdone, or if a character is drinking alone, it can be a sign that a character may be losing control. If a character in book manages to drink wine without becoming intoxicated, this can denote a strength of character and be a symbol of self control.

Generally, wine in books symbolizes the same thing as it does in real life – the relaxed, convivial atmosphere of hanging out with friends and opening up, sharing secrets and plans, and generally getting to each other and oneself better..

What does the spilled wine symbolize

We all know the sinking feeling of disappointment caused by spilling wine – it is the adult equivalent of dropping your ice cream cone! Spilling wine can symbolize a loss, or a lack, of the things that wine represent – friendships, openness, a new start and a transformation.

Spilled wine has been used as a symbol in various books, plays and novels, and in these cases it illustrates the extreme poverty and desperation of poor people, who are witnessed drinking spilled wine from off a dirty street – this shows a level of desperation and a heartbreaking level of poverty.

Spilled wine can represent disappointment, and the feeling that although your cup was once full, it is now empty. It can also be a symbol for bitterness and a feeling of loss and heartbreak.

What does wine symbolize in China

In China, the color red is revered as a symbol of auspiciousness, riches and good fortune. Thus, the vast majority of wine drunk in china is red!

Wine is considered to be a bit of a status symbol too, and when it first started to be produced the majority of the population had no idea what it was, nor had any experience of it. These days you are still much more likely to find an expensive wine on the table of a wealthy family in China than you are on a poorer family’s table.

The Chinese have been making wine for centuries, and although they have been using grapes for much of this time, the country also produces wine made from rice, fruits and grains.

Final words

Wine is a symbol for all that is jolly and fun in life. It makes us think of long evenings with friends and relatives, with relaxation and humor. Wine can also be used a symbol for spirituality, and has been used for centuries in various religious ceremonies.

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