When A Pisces Man Is Done With You?

Being in a relationship with a Pisces man can be a wonderful, loving experience. 

Though he is emotionally intense, he is very reserved and often gets lost in his thoughts. 

When it comes to second chances, a Pisces is likely to give you a third and forth. He will, however, dwell on the bad feelings. This in turn undermines your sense of fulfilment and happiness in the relationship.

Take regular health checks on your relationship with him. Use these pointers to guide you in determining when a Pisces man is done with you.

7 Signs That Pisces Man Is Done With You

7 Signs That Pisces Man Is Done With You

1. He jumps into conclusions

Pisces man is hypersensitive and typically emotional. When he is fed up with you, it may understandably cause him stress. This triggers his insecurities and may influence him to be doubtful.

It is possible that he will be upset for no apparent reason. He will jump at every opportunity to spur conflict. This is very uncharacteristic of him. 

He will baselessly accuse you of inappropriate behaviour yet, he will be dismissive of your side of the story.

2. He is less intimate

Intimacy is a Pisces’ man second nature. He is caring and seeks deeper bonds through sensual experiences.

Though submissive, this man will initiate intimacy to build a connection with you. He expresses his feelings best through physical touch and deep conversations.

A Pisces man has already made the decision to cut you off if he no longer initiates intimacy with you.

Given his creative identity, he will craft excuses to avoid it and would rather indulge in other activities. 

3. He behaves selfishly

Since this guy is an empath, he is generous and talented in pleasing others. A Pisces man is nothing short of selfless. 

His profound compassion and ability to comfort the ones closest to him is remarkable.

On the flip-side, if he no longer finds your relationship viable, he will come off as selfish. He will focus on his own needs. He will easily ignore you and likely won’t acknowledge your needs.

4. He takes everything personally

Sensitive as he is, when he no longer has feelings for you, Pisces will be highly irritable.

Disagreement over petty issues will be the order of the day. Everything you do or don’t will be the basis for an unnecessary argument.

He will have impractical expectations of you. Trying to talk some sense into him is pointless. He will resolve into a passive aggressive approach to keep you at a distance.

5. He doesn’t accommodate your needs

The capacity for a Pisces man to be a gentleman doesn’t go unnoticed. He will lovingly tend to your needs and shower you with gifts and compliments.

Governed by Venus, he will love unconditionally. He is easily forgiving and will go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied in all aspects of the relationship.

It’s a huge red flag if the Pisces man makes no effort to nurture you. 

6. He doesn’t talk about the future

A meaningful connection is important for a Pisces man. Once this is established he is certain he wants a long term relationship with you.

He values and respects your opinions and strives to include you in his future plans.

If your Pisces man is evasive with topics about the future, he likely doesn’t envision you in it.

7. He makes a slow exit

Pisces man is independent and will only settle down if there is a future prospect with you.

Given the chance to explore other avenues, he is flirty and won’t hesitate to make sexual advances. 

You will know a Pisces man is done with you when he is physically present but emotionally unavailable. This is a clear indication that he is preoccupied by someone else.

How to Make A Pisces Man Stay

How to Make A Pisces Man Stay

This water sign is deep, sensitive and highly intuitive. He exhibits intense emotions that if left unguarded may be volatile.

On a bad day, he is easily hurt. His erratic mood swings and doubtful nature shows up occasionally.

But there are a few things you can try to make him reconsider leaving. 

  • He desires a romantic partner who is emotionally secure. Show him that you are genuinely secure and don’t rush his decisions.
  • Be attentive of his big emotions and offer practical help. Make him feel safe to confide in you.
  • He suffers from low self-esteem. Be his support system and motivate him regularly.
  • Be gentle and caring to him as he is to you.
  • He tends to be preoccupied with his thoughts too often. Give him a break from his monotonous routine, indulge him in adventure. Inspire his creativity. 

Bottom Line

In as much as Pisces man is emotionally complex and difficult to understand, he wears his heart on his sleeve.

Though he zones out from time to time, he is always present to love, protect and provide for you.

Time and connection are precious for this water sign. If he feels his are being wasted he won’t hesitate to withdraw.

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