Spiritual Meaning Of Forgetting Dreams

One amazing way that the universe speaks to us is through dreams. The messages in these dreams may range from the smallest details in our daily lives to deeply spiritual insights.

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to decipher the meaning of their dreams. Worse still, many forget their dreams.

Why Do I Forget My Dreams?

Why Do I Forget My Dreams?

It is a common occurrence for people to partially or completely forget their dreams within minutes of waking up. There are some that might have no recollection whatsoever of what they dreamt about.

There may be several reasons for this:

  • The easiest answer to this is that you might have woken up too fast. The half-awake period right when you wake up is best to remember what your dream was about. If you wake up too fast, you forget your dream equally fast, especially if you are not keen about it. 
  • Severe fatigue or sleep conditions like insomnia or sleep apnoea can cause you to forget your dreams. Your brain may also completely prevent you from dreaming so as to achieve optimal rest. 
  • Chronic pain and illness is another reason not to remember your dreams. When you are unwell, your brain is focused on sending healing where it’s needed. This means that you are subconsciously ignoring your dreams in order to speed up your healing process. In addition, some drugs may inhibit the brain’s ability to go through the dream phase or retain memory from this phase. 
  • Stress is also a major reason why you are forgetting your dreams. Negative thoughts, worries and problems will occupy your senses. The urgency of your situation will cause unpleasant sensations that draw your attention away from your dreams.
  • In some cases, you may forget your dreams because you do not value this experience. The lack of a strong connection signals your brain to delete this information. 

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Forgetting Dreams?

Sometimes, forgetting your dreams can have a spiritual meaning that you need to examine. Forgetting what you dreamt about can have the same significance as dreaming about something. 

It can be a message from the universe or an indication of something in your life. 

  • You may be forgetting dreams to protect you from trauma. Your dreams are thoughts, feelings and memories that you suppress stemming from traumatic events in your life. 
  • If you deal more intensely with unpleasant feelings associated with nightmares, your angels may be intervening by blocking you from accessing these dreams. It is a form of coping mechanism that helps you deal with real-time fears and challenges when awake.
  • Whenever you don’t remember your dreams might also be a way of protecting you from a spiritual attack. Just as the light forces communicate with you through dreams, so do the dark forces. If you are in tune with your spirituality, you may be receiving the message that you are under attack.
  • Normally when your spiritual energy is vibrating at a high frequency, you are able to remember the visions from your dreams. When this energy is disrupted, you may not remember your dreams. You will have a strong sense of awareness that you had a dream but not what it was about.
  • Forgetting your dreams could be a spiritual warning that you are neglecting certain aspects of your life. This is a gentle nudge from the universe to detach, get rest and allow your body to catch up with your brain. You may notice that your career, relationships or finances have also been taking a turn for the worse. Perhaps it’s time to take a step back and assess what you have been overlooking.

How To Remember Your Dreams

How To Remember Your Dreams

The most important thing is to try and figure out why you cannot remember your dreams. Are you stressed? Are you feeling extremely fatigued? Is there a situation you are running away from instead of confronting?

Here are a few tips that might help.

  • Meditate for a few minutes and commit yourself to an affirmation. Set the intention to remember. For  example, “I will remember my dreams”
  • Start recording everything you remember about your dreams, no matter how little. If you can only remember a figment of your dreams, note it down. You’ll find yourself remembering more and more each morning.
  • Put a notebook and a pen next to your bed and journal every morning. Every detail counts. Indicate the time you woke up, how you felt when you woke up and what you want to do after you wake up.
  • Ensure that you are getting enough sleep and that you keep off any substances that might alter your dream channel. 
  • A bedtime routine is also important to achieve this goal. Sleeping and waking up at the same time everyday trains your mind. It also gives you room to wake up without a rush.

After a few days on a consistent routine, you will probably remember more dreams and be more in touch with your higher self. Here’s our guide to earthquakes in dreams if you want to learn more about other dreams and their interpretations.

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