Spiritual Meaning Of Dreams About Cheating {Explained!}

Dreaming about cheating typically does not indicate that someone has cheated or plans to. These dreams are usually an indication of underlying fears, trust issues and other problems in your relationship. Here’s what various dreams about cheating might mean. 

Dreaming About Your Partner Cheating On You

Dreaming About Your Partner Cheating On You

One of the most common dreams about cheating is dreaming that your partner or spouse is cheating on you. 

This dream can be more than a bit disturbing because this is a scenario you don’t want to imagine happening in real life. 

Here’s what the dream means in various scenarios.

  • The dream could indicate your insecurity or doubt regarding the relationship. Maybe you feel that your partner is not fully committed to you or that they are not fully satisfied with the relationship. Often though, these insecurities arise from lack of communication. 
  • If you dream about your partner cheating on you with an ex, it could mean that you harbor some jealousy to that ex. Maybe you feel like they have something that you lack, and which your partner misses (could be money, career, looks and so on). 
  • A dream about your partner cheating on you with a stranger is a sign that you are not at peace with your relationship. You feel like other people – work colleagues, her friends, social media friends – are taking up too much of their time and attention. There isn’t a particular person you are worried about – you just feel like someone’s replacing you. 
  • A dream about your partner cheating on you with your best friend is probably one of the most unsettling ones. It usually indicates discomfort with how close your friend is with your partner. You may also be feeling left out of that circle of friendship. 

In some cases, dreaming about your partner’s infidelity might indicate deep issues that you need to heal from with the help of a therapist. 

People with abandonment issues, those with trauma from having been cheated on before, and those who’ve been in abusive relationships might experience such dreams. 

Dreaming About You Cheating On Your Partner 

If you are the one cheating in the dream, it doesn’t mean that you want to cheat on your partner. You may not even be thinking about it at all. 

But your past relationships or trouble in your current one can trigger such a dream. 

Here are some scenarios and what they mean. 

  • Dreaming about cheating on your partner with a stranger could indicate you are feeling guilty about your lack of commitment to the relationship. You are probably spending a lot of energy and time on other people and things, and starving your partner of attention. 
  • If you dream about cheating with an ex, it could just be past emotions or memories bubbling to the surface. It might also mean that you miss your ex. Instead of feeling guilty or acting out your dream in reality, reaffirm your current partner through loving words and gestures. 
  • A dream about you cheating on your partner with someone you know might indicate an attraction to that person or something about them. Examine your relationship and whether you are happy with it. Communicate with your partner if you feel there’s something missing in the relationship. 
  • Sometimes you can dream about cheating with your partner’s best friend. This could mean you are attracted to them (again, examine how satisfied you are in your current relationship). It could also be harmless – you probably want to get closer to them and strike up a platonic friendship. Spend more time with them and you may find those dreams disappearing. 

Another common reason for dreaming about cheating is because you have some sexual fantasies that you’d like to try in real life. 

Maybe your sex life is boring or your partner doesn’t want you to try a particular move. That frustration and desire could show up as a dream about you cheating with someone else. 

Often, such dreams involve you acting out your sexual fantacies. 

Dreaming About Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend Cheating In Front Of You

Dreaming about your partner cheating on you is common. Dreaming about them cheating in front of you, not so much. 

Such a dream might indicate that you think your partner no longer respects you, so they have no qualms about engaging in such a brazen act in front of you. 

Remember, however, that this dream is from your perspective. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your partner doesn’t respect you. It could be your past trauma playing out in your dreams. 

For instance, if you’ve been in an abusive relationship, you might dream about a loving partner acting in the same disrespectful ways as your abusive ex. 

Talk to your partner or a therapist about what you are feeling; it might help you get to the bottom of why you are having that dream. 

Dreams About Partner Cheating During Pregnancy

Dreams About Partner Cheating During Pregnancy 

Cheating dreams during pregnancy are surprisingly common. They can occur in the pregnant partner or her spouse. 

These dreams usually reflect the fears and insecurities that come with pregnancy. 

If you are the one who is pregnant and you dream your partner is cheating on you, it’s probably because you don’t feel pretty. Maybe you think your partner is not attracted to you as much as before. 

If this is what you feel, talking to your partner can help you realize that they still love you and are attracted to you. 

If you dream about cheating on your pregnant partner, you are probably nervous about the future. Particularly, you might be afraid that there will be someone else (the baby) who will be closer to your partner and take your place. 

It could also be that your sex life has suffered because of the pregnancy and you feel frustrated. In your dreams, you fantasize about having sex with someone else. 

Again, communication with your partner goes a long way in resolving these issues and stopping these dreams. 

Dreaming About Your Partner Having A Baby With Someone Else

If you dream about your partner cheating on you and having a baby with someone else, that could indicate even deeper insecurities on your part. 

These insecurities could be based on real fears. Maybe your partner has neglected you of late or they seem to spend too much time with someone else. 

Other times, they are insecurities borne out of past experiences and trauma.

This type of dream can also occur if: 

  • You’ve been struggling to have a baby with no success. It can be especially common if you are the one who is unable to have a child. You might be afraid that your partner will cheat on you with someone and they’ll have a baby together. 
  • You want to have a baby but your partner doesn’t. You might be afraid that they want to have a baby with someone other than you. 
  • Your partner wants to have a baby but you don’t. You might be afraid they’ll decide to have a baby with someone else. 

Talk to your partner about your dreams and any feelings they represent. If you are in deep disagreement about having a baby, have a serious talk about your future together. 

Dream About Boyfriend Cheating With Sister

Dream About Boyfriend Cheating With Sister

Similar to dreaming about your partner cheating on you with another person, a dream about your partner cheating with a sibling could indicate you are insecure about your relationship. 

Specifically, you probably feel that your boyfriend is too close with your sister. You could also be jealous of your sibling’s looks, qualities or success and assume that your partner sees something better in them. 

Sometimes, the dream could indicate family problems. 

If your sibling was abusive to you when growing up (e.g. taking things away from you), it could be those memories recurring in your dreams. Maybe you are afraid your sibling will steal away your spouse or happiness. 

Dream About My Dad Cheating On My Mum?

Sometimes, we worry about the relationships of those close to us. It’s not uncommon to dream about one of your parents cheating on the other. 

In many situations, it indicates that you are worried and concerned about one or both parents. 

Maybe you think your dad is no longer faithful or your mum doesn’t want to be in the marriage anymore. 

You’ve probably noticed something amiss in your parents’ relationship, even if it’s just subconsciously. Maybe they don’t seem as happy as they used to, or one of them is spending more time away from home. 

There’s not much you can do about this dream other than being there for your parents. Ask how they are doing and whether there’s anything they’d like to talk about. 

In some cases, your parents could be fine and it’s you with the problem. Dreaming about your parents cheating could be a reflection of your own insecurity about your current or future relationship.

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