Spiritual Meaning Of Crocodile In Dreams

Crocodiles in dreams are associated with strength, wisdom, stealth, and power. They can also represent a specific danger you are facing. Below, we discuss the various meanings of crocodiles appearing in dreams. 

What is the spiritual meaning of crocodile in dreams?

What is the spiritual meaning of crocodile in dreams

Crocodiles thrive both in water and on land. From a spiritual sense, this means that they represent great insight of both conscious and subconscious mind. This stands for liberation from worldly limitations.

Dreaming about crocodiles points to harnessing inner strength and relying on instincts for survival. 

These dreams are particularly common in people who are limited in a positive outlook in life. They seek to draw your attention to your thoughts, actions and how you relate with people around you.

The exact meaning of crocodile dreams depends on the type of encounter and the dream context. For instance, in Indian cultures, the crocodile particularly represents hypocrites, robbers, and con artists. 

In other cultures however, the crocodile is perceived as an emblem of toughness and the primal instincts necessary for war.

Having crocodile dreams calls on you to evaluate your reactions to situations. To achieve this you need to look into several aspects of your life.

Here’s a look at some common crocodile dreams and their meanings:

What does it mean to dream of a baby crocodile?

While these adorable tiny predators are too small to pose any major threat to humans, their bite can be quite painful. Dreaming about a baby crocodile intends to draw your attention to the dangers in your life that may seem insignificant.

In particular, this dream warns you against the people closest to you. They may act all nice and friendly to your face but hold a dagger to your back when you aren’t looking.

Rely on your instincts to distinguish which relationships are toxic. Examine with caution who you can actually trust. It’s perfectly okay to mourn losses and move along quickly.

Dream about killing a crocodile

When you encounter the gruesome scene of killing a crocodile in your dreams, you should feel a sense of relief. This dream is symbolic of overcoming your repressed emotions.

You’ve likely been struggling with unconscious fears that you had no idea how to handle. The crocodile in this case embodies those fears and other negative emotions. Killing the crocodile symbolises the end of those struggles and perhaps you will gain a new sense of confidence.

Dream of crocodile chasing me

Indeed dreaming of this reptile chasing you can be stressful and bring you fear. To understand the meaning of this dream, you need to assess your current life situation. 

What is it that makes you want to jump and run when it comes to mind? It could be your financial situation, health concern or a draining relationship. 

The crocodile represents all these fears. Having this dream urges you to stop and deal with your situation. 

You will notice that this dream might be recurrent and every time the crocodile will grow larger and larger. This will be the pattern until you gather enough courage to face your difficulties. 

Dream of crocodile in the house

Dream of crocodile in the house

Usually, in spiritual dreams a house represents the state of your life and soul. When you dream that a crocodile is in your house, it implies danger.

This might be a spiritual attack but may also indicate that the people around you are exposing you to dangerous situations. 

It could also mean that the spirit of gluttony lurks within. Lending support is important for any friendship to thrive. However, if you find that the giving is one-sided and on a regular basis, you have come face to face with your crocodile.

This dream urges you to establish healthy boundaries for your own safety. 

Dreaming of stroking a crocodile

Unlike the regular pet, crocodiles are not animals you’d wish to have at a petting distance let alone laying a hand on them.

Dreaming of stroking a crocodile may imply that against your better judgement, you are underestimating the dangers in your life.

These dangers can include spontaneous and impulsive decisions plus friends that have already proven to be more harmful than good to you. This dream warns that there is a possibility that danger is about to strike. Be careful of the people around you.

Feeding crocodile in dream

Though it may be strange, dreaming of feeding a crocodile is actually a positive sign.

This dream indicates a sense of responsibility, strength and divine protection. 

Getting intimately close enough to a crocodile to feed it implies that though you may encounter dangers in the wake of your life, you have a protective presence in your life.

Dream of crocodile in water

Crocodiles are amphibian in nature but can thrive on land. Dreaming of a crocodile in water indicates flexibility.

You may be faced with a situation that makes you feel helpless and cornered. This dream reminds you that you are flexible, adaptable and you possess the endurance to overcome whatever situation you are faced with.

However, this dream also represents your avoidant nature. You may be falling back to your old patterns of repressing emotions. Looking for more dreams about animals? Here’s our guide to rhinos and their spiritual meaning in dreams.

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