[Explained] School Bus Dream Meaning

Dreams involving school buses are usually a link to personal growth and development. A school bus dream could have varied interpretations depending on what happens to you and the bus in the dream. For instance, in the dream, you could be driving the bus, you may dream about the bus colour, an accident involving the bus or you being hit by the bus.

In the sections below, we are going to delve into the different types of school bus dreams to give you an accurate interpretation of your dream. Read on to learn more about a school bus dream meaning.

Dream of a driving a school bus

Dream of a driving a school bus

When you dream of driving a school bus it could signify drained emotions, lost love or an opportunity that you missed. The dream is a wakeup call for you to stand up and speak up to get yourself out of the rut you are in.

Fear can take hold of you to a point where you lose bearing and control of situations. There could also be some behavioural patterns that you are desperate to get out of and work your way around. Your good judgement seems to have taken a backseat and it feels like you are on your own.

If you dream of driving a school bus you could be harbouring some hurtful feelings resulting from an unfortunate event in your life. Such feelings may leave you emotionally dysfunctional and sensually dead.

This dream is a knock on your door to wake up, change your ways and update your thinking to be in sync with the other aspects of your life.

Dream of yellow school bus

Colour is significant not just in waking life but also in dreams. When you dream of yellow school bus, it could be that you are neglecting some important things in your life. You may be overlooking some critical aspects of your life and in their place holding some lofty and almost utopic ideas.

If you had a rough childhood growing up, chances are that a dream of yellow school bus could be talking you back to the embarrassment, anger and insignificance you felt at the time.

On your plan or to-do list, there could be some unpleasant tasks waiting for you to clear them off. This may frustrate you to a point where you feel that you need an outlet to vent off.

You may get to a point where you feel your life is tearing into pieces before your very own eyes and you cannot do much about it. The yellow bus summarises all that and prompts you to start being vocal about things in your life both good and bad.

In the sphere of love and romance, a dream of yellow school bus means lost love. Probably there is someone you had feelings for but they didn’t reciprocate leaving you feeling devastated, underappreciated and confused.

The dream highlights the obstacles on your way and restrictions that pull you back from advancing.

Dream of school bus accident

An accident is certainly not a good sign in life. It may indicate danger ahead or amplify the bumpiness of the road you are in. It could also symbolize pessimism in your outlook. Essentially you are looking at a situation or something that deep within, you feel that it is already lost.

The dream may also signify fear or nervousness. There could be some harmful behaviours or tendencies that are blocking your inner power from expressing itself fully. The dream of school bus accident is an expression of inner desire to charge out of your sabotaged situation.

If you feel like someone else is controlling your life and dictating where and how things should go, it is time to loosen up a little and take charge. The dream may mean that you are ready to resolve past tragedies that brought you hurt and anger.

Dream of missing the school bus as an adult

Dream of missing the school bus as an adult

Your financial life can come in many shades depending on the position you are in. A dream of missing the bus as an adult could mean financial opportunities that you consciously or unconsciously let go and now you are trying to make up for the lost chance.

Missing the bus is all about bottled-up fear and worry. There could be certain things that are bothering you and you are turning a blind eye on them. Begin to look out for any negativity in your life and start filling in the voids that may have developed over time.

When you dream of missing the school bus as an adult, the pictorial representation is that of someone stuck in a rut. It doesn’t mean that you are unable to get out of a situation rather you need to tame certain aspects of you and recruit them into helping you get unstuck.

School bus in a dream that crashes into a house

A school bus crash, unlike an accident, indicates a failure of some degree. It could be some aspect of your life that runs out of control especially in the area of personal growth and development.

A home is a place of peace, rest and fall back. The dream of a school bus crashing into a house could mean personal development ambitions that interfere with your family to the point of causing destruction.

For instance, career development may come as a huge constraint on family finances or may compete with other family interests.

The dream is a call to consider your options for personal growth and the sacrifices that you can make to ensure a balance with family life.

Dream of school bus going into water

If you are transitioning from one phase of life to another, it can be overwhelming. It could be from school to working life or moving into a new town or a career change. The water symbolizes that transition. It may not be easy but it is manageable.

It may mean that you change tact, get some new skills, change your outlook on life and generally get ready for new challenges. It could also signify a shift in your value and belief system.

School bus pulled by train engine

In a dream, trains symbolize a journey or direction in life. They also signify inflexibility and firmness of purpose. You may have had a personal growth and career path than has had lots of twist and turns. It is now time to get things back on track in a fixed and structured way.

For instance, it could mean that you need to enrol in a formal education program, come up with a plan or time table of how to get things done and so forth.

Having said that, dreaming of a school bus pulled by a train engine could also mean some aspects of inflexibility and the need to think outside the box.

Final words

There you go! School bus dreams can take different dimensions depending on the nitty-gritty of the dream. You must take every dream seriously as it could be driving your attention to something really important. If you are interested in more dream interpretations, read this about leeches.

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