[Explained] Dreams About Jail

While jails are built to serve as corrective facilities, their mention is not always associated with anything good. They symbolize restricted life and trapped dreams and aspirations. Dreams about jail are a reflection of curtailed freedoms.

The restriction could be referring to confinement of your inner self by your thinking. Most spiritual lockups manifest in dreams about jail and could serve as a warning of a situation you are in or one that you are getting into.

The dream could be about an escape from jail, being in jail, having a loved one in jail, being incarcerated because of murder, going to jail in your wedding dress and so forth. In this article, we shall walk through all the different dreams about jail.

What do dreams about going to jail mean

What do dreams about going to jail mean

If you are someone who leads a risky lifestyle, a dream of going to jail could be sending you a straightforward warning message.

On the contrary, if your life doesn’t have the typical drama that can potentially land someone in jail, the dream could be speaking into an area of your life that is trapped.

It could be that you are trapped in a relationship, job, career or you just have an innate desire to get away from a certain aspect of your life.

Dreams about going to jail mean that you need to take a step and reconsider your life. Look carefully into aspects that seem to be holding your life back.

The seriousness of the situation will manifest itself either in the dream or in the feelings that accompany the jail dream.

If you are being imprisoned for a short time, it means that you need a short break from your emotional self. Longer imprisonment or life sentence could mean you need to permanently step away from a situation.

Whenever you have this kind of dreams, take stock of your life and note down any situations or behavioural patterns you feel trapped in. It could be outdated belief systems, hurt from a previous relationship that was not dealt with properly and any other cages.

Dreams about escaping jail

Dreams about escaping jail

Dreams about escaping jail could be a warning that you need to be careful about the steps you take in life. Also, you could be at a breakthrough point where you are defying conventional wisdom and headed for a revival.

If in the dream you manage to fully escape, you need to change your lifestyle to avoid slipping back into your old ways. Escaping from jail may also involve planning the jailbreak itself. This could symbolize getting rid of difficult obstacles and illnesses.

The escape from captivity could be a sign of good tidings in your business or other personal tasks. However, if during the escape you got wounded, it could symbolize trouble.

Generally, an escape from prison means a desire or a fulfilment of a desire to get away from emotional hardship. Dreams about escaping jail could be preparing you for the next phase of life that is about to begin. However, your involvement may be required.

Dreams about being in jail

Unlike escaping from jail, dreaming being in jail creates a worrying impression. It means that you are still trapped and whatever feelings you had are still repressed within you.

Being in jail means you are limited in terms of ability and can only do so much. It may point to some frustration that you are living with. The imprisonment could have also been orchestrated by someone else whose actions are preventing you from advancing in life.

As you look into the two dynamics-self versus the other person, it is always advised that you begin with self. Most often, we tend to point a finger to the other person while in the real sense we are the ones harbouring limiting beliefs.

Dreams about a loved one in jail who is deceased

Dreams about a loved one in jail who is deceased

When you dream about a person, it could be that it is purely about them or a reflection of you in them. What could it be that you loved the most about this person, was it the way they did their things, the influence, the skill level, their generosity or similar traits?

The loved one deceased means something has come to an end, cannot be revived or it is of no use thinking about it. However, not everything that we think should be over actually goes away. Relationship, memories, and emotions linger for a much longer time than we can imagine.

Because of that, such things can trap you and imprison you without you being aware. So when you dream of a loved one in jail who is actually deceased, you need to start thinking about habits that you think are gone but in reality, are still so much around and trapping you unconsciously.

Dreams about cleaning bathrooms in a jail cell

Cleaning a bathroom in jail means that you are beginning to gather the courage to face your problems, character and beliefs.

There are normally negative emotions and psychological difficulties that may hinder progress. Cleaning that jail bathroom is good progress and a sign that at least you are confident enough to face your challenges.

Dreams about going to jail for murder

Dreams about going to jail for murder are often a sign of rebellion. You could be trying hard to protect a certain aspect of your life such as a habit only for you to land into more trouble.

Are there certain areas of your life that you are not paying attention to? Could there be some aspects of powerlessness and inhibitions encroaching into your life that you are not recognizing?

Murder comes with emotions and this dream could mean that some feelings can no longer be constrained and you just have to let them out. It is about taking risks and caution. However, amid risks, you need to know that there is also a possibility of falling into a trap and getting stuck there.

Dreams about your ex going to jail

Such dreams are not common but they do come from time to time. Your ex may refer to thoughts that you want to get off your mind but somehow keep on coming back like ocean billows.

However, when you dream about your ex going to jail it means you’ve succeeded in locking your thoughts up. It is a sign of victory over the past.

If anyone dreams about ex-boyfriend in a wedding dress going to jail, it may also mean that finally, their emotional connections to events of the past or unpleasant experiences are disconnected. You can as well lock them in for life!

Final words

Therefore, jail dreams can be dynamic in how they play out and their interpretations can vary from one case to another. It is always good to get the details of the dream, think through them before looking for the meaning. If you have a bit more time, please read carefully the following school bus dream meaning.

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