[Explained] Dream Of Getting Shot In The Head

Dreaming about violent incidents can be quite scary and worse still if such violence involves being shot at.  Just as shooting is a violent and loud incident, a dream about being shot at in the head could mean that a loud incident is about to happen in a certain area of your life.

The head being the engine and central information system of the human body, being shot at in the head is often linked to some kind of mental activity. Other interpretations have it that such dreams could mean receiving information that you did not expect. The clearer the shot the more profound and useful the information will be.

Significance of sound and tactile sensations

what does it mean when you dream of getting shot in the head

Whenever sound and tactile sensations are involved in a dream, the symbolism is that a perfect idea or concept is on its way that could completely transform your life. However, this could also mean an illusion or a serious mistake.

In this article, we shall look at possible interpretations of the question – what does it mean when you dream of getting shot in the head? Whether you die or not.

Dream about getting shot in the head

Dreams are a product of what is running through the subconscious part of your mind. They embody your desires, thoughts and the fears that you have in your waking life. The best approach to interpreting such a dream is to look at the different aspects of the shooting incident as there could be more than one meaning.

It is also important to look at the situation, the people involved, the feelings expressed and the location of the dream.

The act of shooting

Irrespective of the part of the body that you are being shot at, the shooting aspect has a general interpretation. It normally reflects a poor opinion or outlook of your abilities. It could be that you are ashamed of something you did, or you are uncertain of how you’ll manoeuvre through the future because you lack certain qualities.

It may also happen that you get shot and then reappear as someone different. This could be the inner you that is craving for a different outlook on life. The main reason you changed to someone else is because of the desire to change your perspective to achieve something.

The shot in the head

Having your head injured could point to a lack of clarity on some issues in your life. There is a chance you could be living in denial and the dream is simply an attack of the root of our thoughts.

Looking at it in another way, it is an invitation to face your fears and take those chances without feeling intimidated. If you do not honour the invitation, the dream may keep on coming back time after time.

A feeling of rejection

Rejection is a strong feeling that may manifest itself through dreams such as being shot in the head. Your life comprises lots of moving parts and at times, it may feel like a certain aspect of your life or personality is not serving you as well as it should.

The shot is a rejection of that part of your life. Your beliefs, personality and goals could be facing criticism and rejection hence the involvement of the head.

Shot while wearing a helmet

dream of getting shot in the head and wearing a helmet

If you dream of getting shot in the head and wearing a helmet, it could mean that your thoughts and beliefs are under fierce attacks.

However, the presence of the helmet is a symbol of protection. There are certain values and aspects of your belief systems that you need to protect. You must stand your ground on certain issues in life despite the challenges ahead.

Dream of running away and getting shot in the back of the head

When you run away in a dream, it means you are escaping something you should be facing such as a responsibility or fear. On the other hand, being shot in the back of the head means that there could be some pressure that is mounting and gradually eating into your life.

The pressure could be work-related or due to interpersonal relationships. The shot at the back of the head can be interpreted to mean that the event is something you are unaware of. Your thoughts could be patrolling your head and sending self-defeatist notions without you knowing it.

This dream could also mean betrayal by someone close that you trust. It is a warning that you need to be incredibly careful of the people that you gather around or those whose counsel you keep on feeding on.

Dream of getting shot in the head but not dying

If you dream about being shot in the head but somehow managing to survive the attack, it means that you need to decide about something in life. The decision could be around your thoughts and beliefs or outlook on certain aspects of life.

It is an important juncture where you need to act decisively to avoid further hurt and damage. It is a new lease of life and a chance that nature has given you.

Dream of someone you love getting shot in the head

what does it mean when you dream of someone you love getting shot in the head

If you dream of someone close to you being short at in the head, it means that a part of you posing as someone else is under threat.

Usually, when you dream of someone else, it is a projection of yourself. Think about the one thing in the person you are dreaming of that attracts you the most. That could be a reflection of some quality in you. The truth is that those shots are subconsciously fired at you and not other people. It is time to examine yourself.

At times you may dream of getting shot in the head and walk as if nothing happened. Well, this could mean that you’ve tightly held onto your beliefs and values to an extent that what other people say doesn’t bother you.

It talks of firm personal beliefs and convictions that can stand the test of time and criticism. Probably it is time to reconsider if you are being impermeable to new thoughts and fresh ideas from other people.

Final words

Therefore, if you’ve been asking – what does it mean when you dream of getting shot in the head? You now have an idea of the possible interpretations. Keep on noting down the specifics of your dream because there could be other messages that your subconscious is telling you that you need to be aware of.

Don’t be too anxious but instead look at the possibilities around you and be careful enough to capture the details. Looking for more answers? Here is our article on dreams and lost shoes.

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