[Explained] Dream About Salt And Pepper

You wouldn’t think it meant much, to dream about our most common seasoning, but salt is a commodity that has been valued by humankind for millennia, and as such it is generally a good sign to dream about salt. It often symbolizes wishes being fulfilled, vitality and good health, as well as strong relationships.

Salt also symbolizes great connections, family and friends, and delicious meals shared in common enjoyment. To dream about salt is generally a positive thing, but it need to be analysed further to work out what sort of message it is trying to show you.

Dream about throwing salt

Dream about throwing salt

Salt can symbolize great things in a dream – health, vitality, success and good luck, when you see it in a dream. If you are throwing it about with gay abandon, perhaps it is time to consider sprinkling your waking life with something that will add a depth of flavor to it?

If you are throwing the salt in anger, it could be that you are feeling bitter and angry about the fact that your life isn’t going so well, and you need to sit back, take stock and work out how best to go forwards. Try to make sure that you are not hanging on to old resentments, memories and grudges – this dream will show these all up, and help you realize that you need to move on from them.

Throwing salt in a dream is generally positive thing, if it is you that is doing the throwing. But it is important to also look at the specifics of the dream; who is throwing the salt and why, and how do you feel about it?

Dream about salt and pepper

Salt and pepper, the perfect partnership… If salt and pepper are together in your dreams, it indicates a new spark in your life. Think about adding salt and pepper to your food – it adds the perfect amount of seasoning that is just right for you, and it really finishes the meal off, doesn’t it?

Dreaming about salt and pepper can also indicate that you feel dissatisfied in life, and that you feel that you could do with a little extra something to make it perfect. Have a think about your situation – is there something that you feel needs improvement? Are there areas of your life you feel are lacking? Now is the time to address these!

A dream about salt and pepper offers you a little lift in your life, and the fact that it might be time to try something new. Why not have a look at how you can improve your life yourself, with some proactive steps towards your happiness goals?

Salt and pepper together in your dreams shows that you are ready to take the final step to make your life exactly as you want it to be. Be brave! Jump in there with both feet, and season your life exactly the way you want it to be.

Dream about stealing salt

To dream about stealing denotes that you feel deprived in your waking life of the thing that you were stealing in your dream. Salt represents many of the good things in life – health, good luck, general happiness. If you are stealing salt in your dreams then it may be because you are feeling bitter and hard done by, and need to address these issues to be able to move on and improve your life.

Depending on who you were stealing the salt from, it could also indicate potential future problems with that relationship. If you were stealing the salt from a shop, this can indicate your desperate desire to have more privacy in your life. To dream of stealing salt from someone you know can indicate that you harbor jealous feeling towards who you are stealing the salt from.

Think about the stealing of the salt and who you are stealing it from, and work out if there are any relationships that could do with improving.

Dream about salt around bed

Our beds are our havens, right? Unless you suffer from insomnia, bed is generally the place where we go to sleep, to relax, to regroup from the day’s endeavor and to feel safe and secure.

Sprinkling salt around the place has traditionally been used for protection – think of witches’ circles and ceremonies! If you dream of salt sprinkled around your bed, this place of rest and repose – it may a sign from your subconscious that you need to protect your most private self, and the places in your life that feel the most safe.

Do you feel as though someone is trying to invade your most private life? Are you unhappy, or feeling vulnerable and in need of protection?

If this is the case, you may be dreaming about salt around your bed. Time to make a bit of time for you, even if that means pushing people away and allowing yourself time to breathe.

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Dream about drinking too much salt water

This interesting dream has its roots in our waking life – we all know that drinking salty water will make us sick, right? If you dream of drinking too much salty water then you are inevitably worried about some health issue, or there is a niggling doubt in the back of your mind that you really should pop to the doctor’s one of these days. Stop putting it off!

We’re not saying that this is a prophetic dream that means you will get ill the second you wake up from it, but dreams can often serve as useful reminders of things that we can do in our waking lives, to improve said waking lives.

Drinking too much salt water in your dreams can also be a sign from your inner self that there is something that needs to be purged from your waking life.

Salt in dreams generally means good things – but to dream of too much salt water could mean that you either have too much, or not enough, of this in your life.

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