[Explained] Dream About Rhino

If you have a dream about rhino, it may show you that there is coming to your life some sort of obstacle to be overcome. Rhinos in dreams can represent stubbornness and hard, thick skin – it may mean that you need to become harder in your working life, or that there is something coming your way for which you will need an especially thick skin.

Rhinos can also represent the slow, gentle side of life, and a person’s spirituality. They are generally calm, peaceful creatures, and live a solitary existence. If you are dreaming about rhinos it may be time to explore your aggressive, stubborn side as well as your more slow, introverted tendencies.

Is dreaming about rhino a phallic dream?

Is dreaming about rhino a phallic dream

Dreaming about a rhino does not automatically mean that you are dreaming of things that would make your grandma blush! However, the rhino’s horn has been used, in times gone by, as a tool to help improve a man’s potency, so you could say that it is a dream linked to sexual feelings – but that is a tenuous link.

A more likely reason that this may be thought of as a phallic dream is because the rhino is a masculine creature; even the females are incredibly strong, can be aggressive, and have very tough skin. A rhino symbolizes strength, so having this dream may mean that you need to start standing up for yourself more, sticking to your guns and developing a thick skin to deter any haters.

Rhinos are solitary creatures, so if you are seeing one in your dream it may be because you have not had enough time to yourself recently. Take some time for yourself; allow yourself the chance to give yourself some care – whether in the form of a long hot bubble bath, a walk in the woods, or a week off work with your phone switched off, as you ignore the outside world and focus on your own thoughts and feelings.

Dream about bread made from rhino horn?

In dreams, bread symbolizes new friends, and happy, prosperous relationships. Think about the old phrase “let’s break bread together” – this shows the willingness of people to enjoy new relationships and friendships.

Rhinos embody strength and power, and as the horn is on the very tip of them, it is the embodiment of all those characteristics. The rhino horn has in the past been used for medicinal purposes – this is a tragic thing, because there are so few rhinos left in the world due to poaching – so there is also the speculation that the horn has healing properties.

It may be an idea to look into some alternative treatments of supplements in your waking life, if you are dreaming of rhino horn made into bread (just NOT rhino horn!)

If you are enjoying this rather niche dream about bread made from rhino horn, it could be a sign that your friendships are about to grow and change, and maybe even multiply.

You could also be looking into healing those relationships – have you lost touch with someone? Fallen out with a friend? Now is the time to make those amends! Also, have a little look at your personal health, and the health of the relationships that surround you.

What does it mean to dream about a baby rhino

Seeing a baby rhino in your dreams can be a sign of your need to dominate the people around you, and to control the situations you find yourself in. Try to remember what was going on with you and the baby rhino. Was it running free on the plains with its family, or was it trapped somewhere? Was it hurt? All these things will affect the individual ways that you can interpret this dream.

Baby rhinos can also be a pre warning of an effort that must be made, or some risks that must be taken. Are there any areas in your life that you feel you are holding back, and not quite making a big enough leap? If you’re dreaming about baby rhinos, this is a sign that you need to make that leap!

A baby creature in your dreams, whatever that creature is, symbolizes your desire to dominate the situation, and to see a baby rhino show that you are feeling the need to dominate your friendships, or that you are feeling dominated by them.

Dream about rhino chasing me

Rhinos are big, and to see one charging at you in your dream can make it a pretty scary one! Don’t panic, it doesn’t actually mean that you are going to have to postpone your trip to the zoo, for fear of being chased off the grounds by an angry rhino.

A rhino chasing you in your dreams can show that you have areas of stress in your life, and that your subconscious feels that the best way to deal with this is by running away. If you feel that you are ducking away from a problem or a difficult relationship, it might well be time to stop running, let your light shine and take some action.

If the rhino chasing dreams occur at a time when you are experiencing difficulties with your love life, this is a very clear sign that you need to stand up and be noticed.

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Dream about spirit rhino

There are some theories that believe each of us has a Spirit Animal; ie a guide in another realm of consciousness, which, if we can somehow connect with it, will help make our journey through life easier, and our spiritual goals more achievable.

If you are dreaming of your very own spirit rhino, it just might be that little nudge from life that tells you to get on with achieving your goals; you have the support of the whole universe behind you, so there is absolutely nothing to stop you!

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