[Explained] Dream About Leeches

Have you ever lived through time or a season in life where everything seems to drag on and energy sucked out of you? Well, that’s the exact interpretation of what it means to dream about leeches.

Generally, leeches are negative items which could be people habits or events that consistently drain your body and mind.

The decision is normally two-way: to deal with the negativities head-on or lets them be. The danger with surrendering your fate to the leeches is that they may continue damaging your life.

As you try to figure out what does it mean to dream about leeches, it is important to consider your interaction with them in the dream. This article will open your dream world and add meaning to the leeches you keep dreaming about.

Dream about being covered in leeches

Dream about being covered in leeches

Have you ever dreamt about being covered in leeches? Well, such dreams are not uncommon, but they often have a specific message that they are passing. The most straightforward interpretation of this dream is that you are heavily burdened with debts.

It could be that you have maxed your credit card, fallen behind in your mortgage repayments or having some sort of financial struggle. The sad part of all this is could be that your loss is someone else’s benefit or profit. The message is that you need to figure out some ways on how to reign in your debt monster.

Apart from debts, having your body covered by leeches could suggest some level of unhappiness with how you look.

Also, if you are guilty of something that you did, or an action that you took, it could manifest in the form of leeches. If you feel sabotaged by the action or inaction of others or by your thoughts, you could dream about being covered in leeches.

Dream about leeches on feet

Your feet or legs symbolize motion. So, a dream about leeches on your feet could mean a hindrance of some sort to your mobility. This could be due to disease, accident or any event that impacts your ability to move around.

Also, there could be something that is bothering you. It could be that you are casting doubt on your goals or unsure about how well you should prepare for an event.

The message such dreams pass across is that you should relax, stop worrying and just enjoy life. Let go of things that happened in the past and chart the way forward.

The leeches may be an indication of the flow of life’s energy and your psyche at its best. It shows that you are on the right path to accomplishing your goals and the success related to them.

The dream is a strong expression of physical energy that could be originating from your concern about the well-being of someone you love and treasure. The spiritual guidance from this dream is that you are connecting with a higher power but you need clarity on some issues that may be clouding your mind.

Dream about removing leeches from mouth

There is nothing as destructive to your self-confidence as other people’s negative words directed at you. Dreams can project scenarios where your self-confidence is under attack. It could be through insults or words that take a jab at your confidence.

There is another variation in interpretation where leeches on your mouth or face mean that someone does not want you to express your inner feelings and thoughts. The suppression may arise from arguments or overbearing parents.

In whichever case, it is important to know that the issue at hand is a burden and must be dealt with to eliminate any chances of resentment or ruin in your relationship.

You may also dream that you are pulling or squeezing leeches off your mouth.  This signals a positive action. It could mean your consciousness is beginning to deal with the negative energies by defending your position or fighting back.

Dream about leeches on my hands

Dream about leeches on my hands

Have you ever felt that someone is taking advantage of you or taking credit for your hard work? Well, whenever I dream about leeches on my hands, that could be what it means. The person taking advantage of you could be a colleague at work, a relative, a friend or even a family member-someone you trust.

It could also mean that you are at a juncture where you need to make a critical decision. You could be entering a new phase in life and you are upbeat about the new experiences.

In this case, the dream could signify a relationship that you need to end to expose yourself to the full experience of what the future has for you.

Another deeper reading of the dream about leeches on your hands points to sensual temptations and desires. It is a revelation that your inner self is seeking insight and clarity on several things.

It could mean that you need to synthesize, incorporate and adapt to some things to achieve the harmony and success that you are looking for.

Have you been overlooking some important things in your life? Do you feel disconnected from others and desire to get back on track? This dream assures you of your strength, energy, and agility to go after your aspirations.

Dream about killing leeches

A dream about killing leeches could suggest that you are getting rid of toxic people who have been draining your energy in life. Think about the parasitic relationships that you need to end once and for all.

It could also be an expression of pent up emotions and anger. Remains of unsettled feelings and repressed memories that keep on prodding your consciousness.

In most cases, a dream about killing leeches points to many things that could be going on in a person’s life and the need to have them addressed.

Though not often, dreams about leeches could be combined with snakes to show some emotional pressure that leaves you overwhelmed. However, it could also be an invitation to the strength and power of your character to overcome hurdles in life.

Final words

Whenever there is a dream about leeches, you need to think through it carefully, see the part of the body where the leeches are and what you are doing to them during the dream. This can give you an insight into the message being passed across. If you need more answers, here is our interpretation on what a dream of getting shot in the head means, this one about surgery, or this one about getting bald.

2 thoughts on “[Explained] Dream About Leeches”

  1. I dreamt of four black leeches coming to me and i allow them to suck my blood on my feet and hands. In my dreams, i am not scared, i am watching them how they suck like it’s normal that a parasite is sucking my blood. What does it mean?

  2. I had a dream that I was pinching my forehead and leeches were coming out, I killed maybe two or three. What does this mean?
    In my dream their was a lot of chaos going on outside, people were going nuts destroying houses and businesses. I was pancaking in my dream, hiding.
    I felt something in my forehead and started to squeeze until I saw leeches come out?


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