[Explained] Dream About Ghosts

What do ghosts mean, when they start to haunt our subconscious? Well, some people think that it’s just that – they represent a “haunting”. I’m not suggesting that you are about to experience poltergeist activity around your house, or that a beloved, long passed family member is visiting you in your sleep – but maybe that you will be revisited by some unfinished business. It is worth having a deeper look into your ghost dreams, to see if there is anything else buried in your past that could do with a bit of an exorcism.

Dream about seeing ghosts

Dream about seeing ghosts

If your dreams are haunted by spooks and spirits, it could mean that there are areas of life in which you have unfinished business, or loose ends that need tying up. If these ghosts are unknown to you in your waking life, it may mean that there are messages being sent to you.

Pay attention to what the ghosts are doing and saying in your dreams. Are they trying to tell you something? Are you scared? Happy to see them? Do you feel peaceful or jittery?

If you see ghosts of people you know who have passed, you can treat this as a good way to say goodbye. If there was anything between you, such as an argument or a misunderstanding, you may be left with lingering feelings of guilt.

Seeing them in your dreams is probably your subconscious’ way of assuaging these feelings, so embrace the connections you have in your dreams and the fact that you can lay certain things to rest.

Dream about scaring away ghosts

A dream of ghosts can make you feel vulnerable and scared, and can represent something in your life that you haven’t quite put to bed yet.

If you are scaring away ghosts in your dreams, this means that your subconscious is showing you that you are strong enough to deal with whatever life throws your way. You are showing yourself to be capable of dealing with change, upheaval, and – most frighteningly – your own thoughts and feelings.

A battle in your dreams can be an unsettling thing, but if you dream about scaring away ghosts then you could very well be about to come out on top.

When you awaken from this particular dream, try to think about what in your life you are trying to avoid, and what could be improved by tying up some loose ends, so that you don’t have to scare away ghosts in your dreams, as well as real  life.

Dream about wearing black and ghosts following

There is good and bad news about this dream. The bad bits are that you actually need to do something to ensure that you don’t experience this dream every night for the rest of time; the good news is that this is relatively simple and easy to do.

To dream of wearing black signifies that you are afraid of something in your life, and to dream of ghosts means that you need to be dealing with something that you have been putting on the back burner for a long time. Black clothes in a dream can also show that you are afraid of losing someone in your life – whether this a partner or a relative or a friend.

Black clothing in a dream can also symbolize guilt; maybe you said too much or not enough, and this is eating away at you. It can also mean the opposite – that you feel that someone else has failed you, or not paid enough attention to you.

Ghosts in dreams, as we have discussed, represent your need to finish anything left over in your life that you have not yet fully dealt with, so to dream of wearing black AND being followed by ghosts means that there is something you REALLY need to sort out.

Sit back, have a good look through your life an your relationships (try to be objective here, or enlist the help of a good friend), and try to find the seeds of the matters that can cause this dream.

Dream about trying to contact ghosts

If your dreams show yourself trying to get in touch with the spirit world, this is almost certainly a sign that you are – consciously or subconsciously – trying to tie up loose ends in your life.

Is there something that you feel you should have worked harder on? Do you feel uneasiness about any leftover business that you haven’t quite finished? Perhaps it is time to have a trawl through your life’s achievements, and see what you can finish up to your satisfaction.

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Dream about killing ghosts in old house

Ghosts are thought to represent old, unfinished business, or parts of our subconscious that we would prefer to keep buried and hidden.

If you are killing ghosts in your dream, this is a sign that you are not willing to face up to this unfinished business yet, and that maybe it is time to face up to your demons in everyday life. If you don’t, you will probably find that you keep having this dream over and over again!

Dreaming of an old house is similar to the ghost dream; it can represent parts of your subconscious that you may have thought was gone for good. If you can, have a more detailed look into this dream, and try to work out in which part of the old house you are killing these ghosts:

  • If it is the attic then this is a sign that you have thoughts and feelings that need a bit of exorcism.
  • If it is the bedroom, maybe you need to delve a little deeper into your personal relationships.
  • Killing ghosts in the living room implies that you need to be looking at your family connections.
  • If the ghostly battle takes place in the bathroom, chances are you are feeling vulnerable and dealing with intensely personal issues.

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