[Explained] Dream About Explosion

Explosions in dreams are often to do with repressed emotions. If you are looking at an explosion in the waking world, then you will know that it is caused by combustible materials and/or a build up of pressure. Seeing an explosion in your dreams means that something is about to blow! Explosions in dreams can also relate to an important event in your waking life; this doesn’t have to be a negative occurrence, simply something that has the significance of an explosion.

Dream about surviving an explosion

Dream about surviving an explosion

If there is an explosion in your dreams and you survive it, this could signify that something all consuming, passionate or violent is occurring – or about to occur – in your waking life.

Explosions tend to be short lived, although the aftermath of them might be less so, so you can comfort yourself with the fact that the upheaval in your life, whatever it may be, will likely be over quickly.

The fact that you experienced an explosion in your dream and that you survived it is a good sign – this shows that you will have the strength and resilience to get through any craziness that life decides to throw at you.

It would be interesting to have a look at where the explosion took place – was it in a place that you know, or a strange place?

If it happened in your own home then this could show that you are ready to put down issues from the past that have been holding you back with regards to family life and personal relationships. If it was in a work building then perhaps you are ready for a more dynamic career.

Dream about fire explosion

Not all explosions generate, or are caused by, fire, but it is often a feature in an explosion. If you dream of flames and an explosion, this could be life warning you to slow down and take stock before you make decisions. Keeping a calm head, even in difficult circumstances, is important in making the right decision, and one that won’t end up in a metaphorical fire show.

A dream about fire explosion can also be related to how you are feeling about sudden changes and unexpected events. Dreams don’t have to always be prophetic, but this one can warn you gently that there might be some changes afoot that you might not be too comfortable with.

It is worth, on waking from this dream, to take stock of what is going on in your life, what decisions need to be made, and how you can make these decisions without causing a fire storm.

Dream about train explosion

Trains in waking life represent travel, new explorations, and new opportunities. Maybe you use a train for exciting day trips, or commuting to your dream job – whichever reason that you use a train is a valid reason for travelling, and a good opportunity to get yourself out and about.

However, trains in dreams can show that you are feeling powerless and out of control – after all, you are not driving the engine, and as such you have little control about where you are going. All you can do is board the train and hope that it stops at your station!

This being said, trains do not typically induce feelings of anxiety and powerlessness in the same way that planes do. To dream of a catastrophic event on a train signifies that you are feeling out of control, and that things that you felt were safe are no longer feeling safe and secure.

This is often related to anxiety in your waking life, and can gently suggest that you should have a look at the things that you want to improve your life and make you feel more calm and in control.

If you dream about a train explosion, it may mean that you feel you are being controlled and are about to blow because of frustration and repressed feelings.

Have a look around your life and try to work out if there are any areas that you feel overwhelmed, or if you are hiding your true feelings of anger and resentment that could eventually blow up into a big explosion.

Dream about explosion destroying building

The first thing you need to do, when dreaming about an explosion destroying a building, is to work out what building is being destroyed. Is it your home?

In this case, the dream can be telling you that there is something large and ground shaking that is happening, or about to happen, in your personal life. If it is your school, you may be about to experience some dynamic change in your education or career.

Also, have a look at how you feel about this building in your dream. If you are happy or relieved that it has gone, then great! This symbolizes getting over a large event or circumstance that has been holding you back in life.

If you are unhappy, scared or sad that the building has gone, you may be mourning something that has been a constant in your life that has now gone. Maybe it was time to move on anyway?

Dream about nuclear explosion

Fear of a nuclear holocaust or war is a very valid and common fear, especially in this day and age. If you are dreaming about a nuclear explosion wiping out everything on the planet, this is a sign that you are feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and possibly harboring deep seated anger issues. A nuclear explosion is something that not a single one of us has any control over, so it could be that you are feeling powerless in your waking life as well as in your dream world.

Another part of a nuclear explosion is the possibility of radioactive damage; in a dream this can show that you may have concerns about physical symptoms arising from having repressed emotions such as anger or resentment.

If you dream about nuclear explosion, it is well worth pursuing some techniques that can help you with relaxation and calming your thoughts – even the ones that you suppress, or don’t know that you are having – in your daily life.

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