[Explained] Dream About Being Kidnapped

A kidnapping experience can be very scary. Dreaming about being abducted or held hostage could mean some negativity in your life. However, there is some good news, you can confront such fears and bring these dreams to an end. Having said that, ensure you first understand the dream before going on the offensive.

What does it mean when you dream about being kidnapped?

What does it mean when you dream about being kidnapped and tortured

Whether you’ve been kidnapped in real life or you are just imagining, abduction is a very intense emotional and physical experience. You become entrapped in a situation that you can’t get yourself out of, making you helpless.

When analyzing dreams where you get kidnapped, think of the people involved in the dream. You may be shocked to learn that some of the people involved are well known to you. In this case, it could point towards real betrayal in your wake life.

As you slowly begin to process the underlying emotions and fears, you’ll get to understand the genesis of the dreams and possibly a way out of such nightmares.

As with any kidnapping experience, two things stand out, the use of force and lack of control. Think through your life for instances where you may have given up control to someone else or to a situation.

If you are in a relationship, you may have given control to your partner in a way that makes you feel subdued. This may result from a lack of balance in marriage or sheer domination from the other person.

Here are some instances where you may out of control in your life.

  • Inability to manage your finances
  • A feeling of powerlessness at work
  • An addictive behavior that has spiraled out of control
  • If you are a parent, you may feel your kids are becoming unruly and hard to manage.

Every time you feel as if you’ve lost control over your life or any situation, you may experience anxiety or become upset. Because you can’t influence an outcome, you become uncertain about the future.

Vulnerability and weakness are aspects that almost everyone of us goes through. Even the so-called superheroes have their own moment of weakness that they simply can’t stand.

What does it mean when you dream about being kidnapped and tortured?

If your kidnapping dream involves torture being meted out to you, it could mean that something is burdening you. It could be problems or responsibilities that you’ve got to handle.

When your character is being questioned or your reputations is in the harms way, you may feel helpless and attacked. This experience can manifest in a dream in the form of kidnap and torture.

The thought universe is vast and somewhere in there, you could be harboring some bizarre thoughts. These thoughts can grab you by the collar and lead you to a direction that you don’t really like.

If there is an in issue in your wake life that you are trying to avoid or struggling against some aspects within you, dreams of kidnapping and torture may visit you occasionally.

 What does it mean to dream about child being kidnapped?

When children appear in a dream, they represent the boundless joys of the dreamer. That is why whenever something drastic happens to children in a dream such as them being abducted, it could signal something important that requires your involvement.

Dreams where kids are abducted are common among parents. Oftentimes, the dreamer wakes up shaken or even sweating. It could mean fear of the safety of your children or a situation that you will is out of hand and affects your children.

For instance, if your children are deep into drugs or affairs that you don’t approve, if feels as if they are being yanked away from you.

What does it mean when you dream about your wife being kidnapped?

Your wife is an important person to you. Someone you share your hopes, dreams, fears, and ambitions with. Watching them disappear, especially through kidnapping can be devastating.

If you are married and have such a dream, it could mean that you have fears in your waking life about your wife leaving you and having no power to prevent it. The dream could also mean that you feel helpless and incapable of protecting your family in case of a crisis.

If you are not married and have such a dream, it could mean that you are concerned about someone you truly love disappearing. Again, the inability to protect or prevent such crises from happening, leave you helpless.

The good news is that because it is a dream, you have time to think through the thematic issues reflected in the dream and make amends.

What does it mean your boyfriend has a dream about you being kidnapped and he saves you?

Being kidnapped is terrifying and when someone comes to save you, they are your hero of the moment. Well, all of us have fears that we are trying hard to surmount. The fear of rejection, the fear of success, and so many other shades of emotions.

Fighting these fears on your own can be overwhelming. Dreams about your boyfriend saving you from being kidnapped could point towards opening your life to the people who matter as a way of confronting your fears. It is by that opening that someone who loves and cares for you can come in and give you confidence.


Dreams are a part of us and a reflection of our innermost concerns. Whenever you dream about being kidnapped, think through your situation, and the underlying emotions.

The kidnapping would involve drugging or torture or even death. Search through your life and journalize your fears, there could be something buried inside of your that springs up a fountain of emotions.

If you child is being kidnapped or your wife is being abducted as you watch, work on your family relationships, and address any concerns of insecurity.

It could be financial insecurity, broken communication or simply lack of appreciation of your family life. Work on those and most if not all the dreams will disappear.

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