Cancer Sun Taurus Moon: A Guide For You

The Cancer Sun Taurus Moon individuals are warm and kind-hearted. They are always ready to give back tenfold and support others with enthusiasm.

Harmony and stability are an important aspect in the lives of these individuals. They dislike conflict and confrontation. This makes them susceptible to anger if confronted. They tend to take criticism personally. Read on to learn more.

What are they like?

Celebrities who are Cancer Sun Taurus Moon

They are likely to be sensitive to the feelings of others and are compassionate at all times.  Often working to secure the safety and well-being of other people, they give the most without anticipating for anything in return.

While they are good at understanding the emotions of others, they often struggle to express their own. Rather than let out their feelings, they keep them bottled up. This often leads to an occasional outburst of emotions and sometimes negative feelings towards other people.

These personalities have a clear idea of the way things should be, and strive to attain that order. They enjoy structure, value routine and respect traditions and cultures. They have utmost faith in the existing systems and are fearful of change. They tend to shut down new experiences and ideas too hastily.

The Cancer Sun Taurus moon personalities tend to be reserved and keen observers. Because they are so perceptive, they are good at remembering details to the latter. However, people sometimes misinterpret their quiet nature as cold or antisocial.

Nonetheless, these individuals remain kind, considerate and dependable. They rarely seek merits for their accomplishments but are quick to complement those around them.

They have a knack for art and are creative in a hands-on way with crafts. This trait trickles down to other aspects of life including parenting.

Personality traits (Man)

The Cancer Sun Taurus moon man is a down-to-earth and grounded individual.

He is good at making sure daily needs are met. He likes to know how to cater for his loved ones.

When it comes to taking care of his friends and family, he will go above and beyond, even if it’s not convenient for him. He is reliable and will always keep his words.

Influenced by the sun in Cancer, he displays a strong work ethic. He believes in work before play and tends to get his share done way ahead of schedule. He is also very meticulous in his craft and is likely to build a career in the arts industry.

His moon in Taurus gives him the persistence and drive to keep going through tough times. He is seldom swayed by masses. He is assertive but remains sweet and respectful to others.

Personality traits (Woman)

Stereotyped by her sensitive nature, the Cancer Sun Taurus moon woman is warm, generous, and dependable.

She has many special gifts to offer and an uncanny ability to keep things running smoothly. She enjoys hands-on learning experiences, concrete facts, organization, and structure.

In her sensitivity to others, she can easily pick up on their moods and emotions. She is often inclined to understand these emotions on a deeper level and act with compassion. Her empathy places her strategically for a career in social work, education or psychology.

Guided by the Taurus moon, she is extremely aware of her internal feelings. She however, doesn’t express them and is overly critical of herself. This leads to emotional burnout making her prone to depression.

She needs to be constantly reminded to give herself the warmth that she freely hands out to others.

Nonetheless, this queen aims to live a lush and comfortable lifestyle. She enjoys wealth and a high status. Through hard work, consistency and determination, she strives to have it all.

Who is the perfect match for Cancer Sun Taurus Moon

Considered one of the most hypersensitive personalities, the Cancer sun Taurus moon could be very needy emotionally.

They could spiral from 0 to 100 real fast and vice versa. Hence, the best match should be delicate and patient enough to diffuse such situations lovingly.

Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pieces make terrific partners for the Cancer Sun Taurus moon personalities.

Celebrities who are Cancer Sun Taurus Moon

  1. Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun – Born July 16, 1990: better known by his stage name Wizkid, is a Nigerian recording artist, songwriter and performer.
  2. Jennette McCurdy – Born June 26, 1992: An American film and television actress, and country pop singer-songwriter. She is known for her role as Sam Puckett on the Nickelodeon sitcom iCarly and is currently reprising her role in the spin-off series Sam & Cat.
  3. Rudy Gobert – Born June 26, 1992: A French professional basketball player for the Utah Jazz of the National Basketball Association (NBA).
  4. Maxine Peake – Born July 14, 1974: An English stage, radio, film and television actress, who made her name as Twinkle in Victoria Wood’s sitcom Dinnerladies.
  5. Jabari Bird – Born July 3, 1994: An American basketball player for the Boston Celtics of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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